Why Do My Dip Nails Crack?

It’s impossible that you have never seen the dip nail obsession from Tiktok and YouTube and not get satisfied by these videos! So, if you’re one of the people who get caught up with the mesmerizing videos, you surely want to experience having dip nails.

I want to tell you that dip powders are very durable and  they can even last for months! All the questions that you have regarding dip nails and if ever you’re asking why do my dip nails crack, the answers are all right here!

What are Dip Powder Nails?

Just like how the name sounds, dip powder nails involve dipping your nails into a powder and the powder attaches itself into your nails. Some professionals also use a brush to apply the dip powder on the nail. After the application is complete, a clear sealant is applied on top to ensure that the dip powder will last longer, even up to a month!

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Can You Repair a Cracked Dip Nail?

Yes, you can definitely fix your cracked dip nails! You don’t need to be so bothered about the cracks because there are a lot of techniques and ways to patch things up. You don’t need to spend a lot of money just to go back to the salon to have the cracks fixed, because you can easily do it all by yourself.

We highly recommend purchasing an equipment called the “nail set”. This set allows you to drill your nails easily, right at the comfort of your own homes. It might be a little complicated to use, but having this at home saves you from the effort and money that you’ll be spending on the nail salon.

Dip crack restoration:

Reasons Why Your Dip Nails Might Crack

If you notice that your dip nails are cracking and chapping, here are some of the common reasons why:

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Applying Dip Powder Too Close to Skin

If you are applying the dip powder too close to your skin, it tends to crack. The reason behind this is that any dip powder that comes in contact with your skin creates cracks. What you can do is to put your base coat about 2 mm away from the skin.

Too Many or Too Little Dip Coats

It is highly recommended to use an adequate amount of dip coats which are at about 2-3 dips to ensure that your nails get full coverage. Too much or too little dip coats can result in your paint cracking.

Angle of Dipping

The angle of dipping is also a critical factor for ensuring that your nails will have an even coating. Do not dip your nails at a 90-degree angle, it is more recommended to do it at a 45-degree angle. This will ensure that the dipping will result in a more even application because the 45-degree angle gives a smoother surface. 

Using Low Quality Products

Low quality products are also one of the reasons why a dip nail might crack. It is vital to know that using a real dip powder is necessary to ensure that you get high quality coating. Always choose a known brand for a dip powder so you are sure that your expectations will be met.

Wrong Activator

The activator is a product that helps cure the dip powder and make the paint last longer. When trying a dip powder technique, it is important not to skip this part. After you have thoroughly applied dipping powder on your nails, make sure to use the activator in a generous amount.

Don’t Over Buff

When it;s time to buff your newly dipped nails, the main goal is to not overdo it! Over buffing your powder nails can make the paint crack. The best way to do this is just buff until the surface of your nail is smooth.

Not Giving Time Between Each Coat

Another reason why your dip nails can crack is because you might not be waiting long enough between each coat. You should ideally wait for 2 to 3 minutes between each dip coat to ensure that the powder has completely dried off.

There are some dip powders that dry out faster than others, but you still need to wait for about 5 to 10 seconds before applying another coat. Waiting for adequate time will strengthen the nail coating that you apply every time. 

Dry Skin

Dry skin is also one of the reasons why your dip nails might crack. If ever you have a skin condition called xerosis, cracked dip nails can be a common issue. This condition can cause your nails to be brittle and the lack of moisture can be one of the reasons why your dip nails might crack. 

How to Solve Issues of Cracked Dip Nails

There are some methods that you can use to solve your cracked dip nails in a fast and easy way. The techniques below are the best ways to solve your cracked and chipped nails:

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Patch Method

If you have noticed some cracking and chipping off on your dip nails, the best thing to do is to patch it up. This is a great recommendation for people who have initially gone to the salon to get their nails done, or if you have run out of dip powder. 

What you can do is to use a gel  nail polish to patch up the cracked part of your dip nails. You can directly apply the gel nail polish on your nails to cover up the cracked part. 

After coverage, put your nails under UV or LED lamps to cure them. They would look like newly dipped nails for sure!

Buffing and Filling Method

You can also use the buffing and filling method to recover your cracked dip nails. If ever the crack happened underneath the top coat, what you can do is use a file to remove the top coat, then apply some base coat on the cracked part. Then, you can dip your nails into the dipping powder.

You can use a different color or use the same color as your nails. After dipping your nails, you can now add some applicator and buff until the nails are smooth. Then, apply some top coat and you’re all set for brand new nails!

Be Creative!

If you want the easiest way to fix your cracked dip nails, you can be creative as much as you want! You can put some stones and decals to cover the cracked part of your nails. You can also put some beads and paint to cover up the damaged part.

How to Prevent Cracked Dip Nails

To prevent issues with cracked nails, you can try out different procedures to ensure that the dipping powder will not give you any issues. Check out the best practices in using a dipping powder for your nails:

  • Use a long lasting dip powder for your nails. Using an inferior quality brand of dipping powder can be susceptible to cracking and chipping.
  • Always budd the nails before dipping your nails on the powder to create a smooth surface. This will give a smooth finish when you apply the powder on the nails.
  • After dipping the nails into the powder, it is necessary to apply the base coat immediately.
  • Allow the dipping powder to dry up properly before applying a new coat.
  • Repeat the dipping procedure until enough coverage is achieved.
  • After coverage, dust off the extra dipping powder using a brush.
  • Then, you have to add another application of base coat and dip your nails into an acrylic dip powder for a smooth finish.
  • Now, make sure to add another layer of base coat then dip your pretty nails into a clear dipping powder.
  • The applicator should also be added after the clear powder. This should be allowed to dry within 5 minutes or more.
  • Use your buffing tool to smoothen out the surface of the nail. This tool can also be used to shape your nails based on your preference.
  • Now that you are all done, you can wash your hands to remove the excess powder.
  • Add another layer of activator to strengthen the nails
  • Put your favorite top coat to finish the look
  • Apply some hand moisturizer and flaunt your new nails!

Key Takeaways

Seeing cracks on your dip nails might really be bothersome, but the good news is that you can easily fix it! You can either go to the salon to have your cracked nails patched up, or you can also try reconstructing your nails at home. 

You just need to follow the tips and tricks that we mentioned above to help you fix the cracks and chips on your nails.

If ever you have any other suggestions regarding fixing your dip nails, you can leave us a message at the comment section. We will surely appreciate your help! 

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