Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach Blush launched last week along with the rest of the Sweet Peach Collection and being the blush hoarder I am, how could I say no? It’s cute, it smells like peaches, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite blush shades of all time.

Let’s take a look! Description:Sweet Peach Papa Don’t Peach Blush’s sweet peachy-bronze hue imparts fresh, youthful-looking radiance to cheeks for a touch of summertime warmth. Infused with the essence of peach, this blush smells like peaches, and its rich, pigmented shade provides buildable payoff. Wearable and flattering on any skintone, it leaves a gilded, pink-pearl, brightening finish. Made in U.S.A.

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Packaging: Papa Don’t Peach comes in an adorable tin compact that looks like a miniature version of the Sweet Peach Palette. It includes a mirror and a generously sized blush inside (.32 oz.).  Price comparison to blushes from similar mid-range brands:

  • Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blushes cost $28 for .2 oz of product.
  • Benefit’s Blushes (Rockateur or Dandelion for example) cost $29 for .17oz of product.
  • Nars Blushes cost $30 for .16 oz of product.

So overall, Papa Don’t Peach is slightly larger than a Tarte blush and double the size of a Nars or Benefit blush at a similar price point, making it the best value of the four.

Shade: Papa Don’t Peach is described as a warm peachy bronze. I remember reading that Too Faced creator Jerrod Blandino got the inspiration for the shade when he was having dinner in Paris. He ordered a Peach Trifle dessert that featured peaches roasted over an open flame and he loved the color they became as they caramelized. It does have a little bit of shimmer to it, but it’s very finely milled and not what I would consider glittery or sparkly. It doesn’t seem to draw attention to the texture in my face or highlight pores at all. It’s a gorgeous warm color…the perfect balance between peach and bronze and as you’ll see in my comparison swatches below, I don’t own anything quite like it!

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Formula: This blush is a very soft powder that’s easy to pick up and is nicely pigmented. I find that I don’t need to use much at all to get it to show up on my cheeks, but I’m also fair skinned. It does kick up some powder as you swirl your brush around in it due to its soft texture.

Comparison Swatches: I’ve been getting a lot of questions on social media from those who are wondering if the blush in the Peach Glow palette is the same as Papa Don’t Peach because if so, there’s no need to get them both. After swatching them side-by-side, I can finally verify that they are different shades. Papa Don’t Peach is a shimmery bronzy-peach while the blush in the Peach Glow palette is more of a coral-peach with a satin finish (not as shimmery).

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The formulas are also completely different…the Peach Glow palette is much denser and doesn’t kick up any powder. It’s also more difficult to pick up with a brush and goes on sheerer than Papa Don’t Peach. For the swatches below, I had to build up the Peach Glow shade a bit to get it to show up with the same intensity as Papa Don’t Peach (I swatched it twice)

I also wanted to swatch Papa Don’t Peach next to some of my other peachy blushes to see if I could find a dupe. Milani’s Luminoso comes pretty close, but doesn’t have as much bronze in it (or as much shimmer). Soap & Glory’s Peach Party might come the closest, but is slightly more bronze (and has a little more shimmer).

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Final Thoughts:

Papa Don’t Peach is a gorgeous addition to my blush collection and I have no regrets about purchasing it. It is a bit pricey for a single blush, but is actually a better deal than other blushes in the mid-range market given its size. What do you think about Papa Don’t Peach? Do you own it? Or are you planning to buy it?

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