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Tarte Tarteist Pro Palette Review | First Impression

tarte tarteist pro palette review
I recently picked up the new Tarte Tarteist Pro Palette ($53) from the Tarte website and I was so excited when it arrived yesterday! I wanted to post a quick first impression with swatches because I know quite a few of you were holding off on buying this until you had some more information on it. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with their holiday sets, but they are definitely back on track with this palette!

Also, I just want to note that this palette is made in the U.S.A. and is permanent. It should be hitting stores in November (not sure of the date yet but will update this post when I find out).

Let's take a look...

tarte tarteist pro palette
Description from the Tarte Website:

A pro-level, everyday eyeshadow palette with 20 ultra-pigmented shades powered by naturally-derived ingredients.

Take a makeup artist home with this high-performance PRO palette for Instagram-worthy looks powered by healthy ingredients. It includes 16 longwearing matte eyeshadows infused with Amazonian clay for smooth blending and flake-resistant wear, plus four brand-new iridescent luster shades with a micro-shimmer, duochrome formula. Deeply concentrated mineral pigments and a new smart-blend technology give you the best in even, intense payoff in a range of natural artistry™, neutral-to-bold shades for all skin tones and skill levels.

The Tarteist Pro Palette comes in a sturdy plastic compact (similar to the Tartelette palettes only a little bit larger) that's matte black on top and has a shiny gold surface on the bottom. I think the packaging is beautiful, however it's definitely a dirt and fingerprint magnet! The Tartelette palettes have a glossy finish on the top that can be wiped clean easily, but the matte black finish on this palette seems to attract dirt and it's difficult to remove. I tried to clean it with rubbing alcohol when it was time to take photos, and you can see above that it looks a little bit streaky. 
The bottom part is easier to clean but it shows scuffs and scratches easily. 

tarteist pro palette
Inside, there's a really large, high-quality mirror which is a nice could easily use it to do your makeup because the size allows you to see your entire face.

Also, I just wanted to note that one of the eyeshadows broke during shipment. I decided to go ahead and post my review anyway rather than wait for a new one to arrive, but I was kind of bummed about it. It wasn't packaged in bubble wrap, it was just wrapped in tissue paper inside the box so I was definitely disappointed and will be contacting Tarte about it.
tarte tarteist pro eyeshadow palette
There are sixteen matte eyeshadows and four metallic shimmer shades in beautiful neutral shades, with some pops of color.

Shades included:
  • classic (cream)
  • innocent (soft peach)
  • whimsy (brick)
  • smoked (dark brown)
  • ethereal (bronze)
  • vintage (ivory)
  • fierce (cool plum)
  • no filter (purple mauve)
  • vamp (deep plum)
  • glam (champagne)
  • chic (pale pink)
  • profesh (taupe)
  • mod (deep cherry)
  • drama (maroon)
  • minx (shimmering mauve)
  • indie (greige)
  • bold (light brown)
  • edgy (chocolate)
  • punk (black)
  • trendy (prismatic teal)
tarte tarteist pro palette close up

I love that you can create a "look" with each row (going across horizontally) or you can mix and match. Tarte does include a guide with this palette that has several different looks and instructions on how to create's some nice inspiration to get you started!

Rows 1 and 3 seem to lean more warm, while rows 2 and 4 are on the cooler side. 

tarteist pro palette eyeshadow
The formula definitely varies throughout this palette but overall it's extremely pigmented! The metallic shimmer shades are super creamy and buttery with little to no fallout. The matte shades feel different depending on the color...the lighter matte shades on the left side of the palette feel very soft and creamy, while the deeper matte shades to the right feel drier.  They are still very's just a texture difference. 

All the mattes have quite a bit of fallout...I find myself blowing on the palette constantly to clear the dust away. That being said, they go on smoothly and they're very intense with the exception of 3 shades...Smoked, Vamp, and Drama which are all deeper mattes. They felt super dry to the touch and went on a little patchy at first (especially vamp, which you can see in my swatches below in row 2). I didn't have any issues with the black shade, even though it felt dry like the others. 

My swatches below are on bare skin (no primer): 

tarte tarteist pro palette swatches
I've only worn this on my eyes once and it was easy to blend and lasted all day on my eyes (I wore primer underneath as usual). So far, I'm really impressed with this palette! I love the color selection so much and I feel like I can create so many looks from everyday neutral to bold and smoky. I also like having the option of using the shimmer shades on my lid or going all matte.

Despite a few cons, I would still recommend this palette so far...especially if you're a fan of the Tartelette and Tartelette in Bloom palettes. It's a bit more expensive than some but it does have 20 shades instead of the typical 12-16 you would find in other palettes. Plus the quality and shade selection overall is amazing!

Grab yours now at and get free shipping!


  1. I really love the colour selection! Especially row 3! It's a shame about the inconsistencies!

    Neelam | xx

  2. So, would you say this is better than the Urban Decay Naked Matte palette (which I own but am considering returning)? I also own the Anastasia Renaissance and Mario palettes. In other words, does it make sense to return the UD and get this if I also own the Anastasia palettes?

    1. Hi Rachel, I have all the palettes you mentioned and I would say that this palette is better than the UD Naked Matte palette. The formula for the mattes in the UD palette is a bit better and more consistent overall but I find that the color selection in this Tarte palette is much more versatile. However, comparing this to the 2 Anastasia palettes, there are some similarities in color but in my opinion they were different enough that I didn't feel I wasted my money. I bought the UD palette first and then all of the others and I haven't used the UD one since so I'm thinking of returning it as well haha. I hope this helps!

    2. Yes, it's very helpful! Thank you so much!

  3. This looks amazing! I don't care if some of the shadows feel different from each other as long as they all perform nicely, which it looks like the majority of them do! Thanks you just helped me make up my mind. :)

  4. I'm so in love with it! I posted some swatches on my medium/dark skin tone in case anyone is looking:

  5. I agree with everything you said! It's very dusty and some of the darker shades feel dry BUT the pigmentation is amazing. I really recommend it to anyone!

  6. This looks like a beautiful palette.

  7. I think I need it...

    Yep. I need it.

  8. Is this have a better formulation n pigmentation than lorac mega pro 3?


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