New Drugstore Sightings at Walgreens- WnW, Garnier, L'oreal & Maybelline

I remember a time when the Spring drugstore releases would arrive in stores in late November/Early December but for some reason this year everyone was late putting things out! I've been stalking the stores the past few weeks but only found a couple of things here and there. Then I walked into Walgreens the other day and all of a sudden there was a ton of new stuff! 
Let's take a look... 

Walgreens Haul + Swatches of the New Milani Highlighting Palettes

I've been stalking my local drugstores for new products the past couple of weeks and I haven't seen too many new products. Then I walked into Walgreens yesterday and boom! Tons of new Milani, plus a few Rimmel and Jordana products.

Everything was up on the top shelf, too high to get good photos of the displays so instead I decided to just post my haul and show you what I got!

Rimmel has three new eyeshadow palettes called Magnif'eyes Shadow ($7.99 each). I picked up two (the third one was heavy on dark, smoky shades) and will definitely be reviewing them in an upcoming post.

Milani has brand new Face and Eye Strobing Palettes $11.99, (three shades), Contour & Highlight Cream & Liquid Duos, Retouch & Erase Concealers $8.99, Make It Last Setting Spray, and Prime Light Strobing & Pore Minimizing Primer, $9.99.

I got two of the Strobing Palettes (the third one was way too dark for me), the Retouch & Erase Concealer in the shade Fair, and the Prime Light Primer. I'll definitely be reviewing everything in more detail but since I know you're probably all wondering about the Strobing Palettes so I wanted to post some close-ups and swatches for you...
milani highlighting strobing palettes
Milani Eye & Face Strobing Palettes in Sun Light and Candle Light
The two shades I picked up are Candle Light (top, cooler toned shades) and Sun Light (bottom, warmer toned shades). They have very clearly defined blush, bronzer, and highlight shades but I'm sure they could also be swirled together to create new shades. They feel super creamy to the touch (just like the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer) and have a refined pearly glow (no chunky glitter or crazy shimmer). I love them both...the only shade I'm not crazy about is the orangey bronzer in the Sun Light Palette (love the peachy blush and gold highlight in that one though!) The cooler-toned Candle Light version is perfect for my skin tone!
Also, my pal Heather (@hswerdy on Instagram) sent me some photos of new Milani and Jordana products she spotted at her local Walgreens. I didn't see these anywhere!

First up is the Milani Keep It Sweet Sugar Lip Scrub ($9.99). Based on the fact that this one is numbered 02, I'm guessing there's more than one flavor out there.
She also spotted new Jordana Cosmetics creamy contour and strobing sticks ($4.99). She said that this contour stick is in the shade Light (so there are a few different options) and the Strobing Stick is in the shade Pearl Glow.

What do you think of all the new products? Have you seen or tried any of these yet? What's on your list?

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Spotted! Physicians Formula Butter Blushes & Highlight and Contour Palettes

physicians formula butter blush and contour palettes

The Physicians Formula Spring 2017 collection is starting to arrive in stores! I spotted this display at the Harmons inside Bed, Bath, and Beyond (so you can likely find it at Harmon stores and Christmas Tree Shops as well).  I've also had a few people tell me that they've seen these new products at CVS, so that's another place to check! 

Let's take a look...

NEW! CoverGirl TruNaked Jewels Palette

The Spring 2017 drugstore collections are about to drop in the next few weeks and I stumbled upon a brand new palette on the CoverGirl website that will likely be popping up in stores very soon! The TruNaked Jewels palette ($11.49) features 8 jewel-toned shades in shimmer and matte finishes. I absolutely loved the TruNaked palettes that came out last fall...they were incredibly pigmented so I can't wait to try this one. 

They're already out in Canada, and you can see a review and swatches on I Dream in Beauty here. 

Also, I wanted to point out that these shades remind me of the Lorac Pro Metal palette I just reviewed last has a similar off white, rose gold, cobalt blue, clover green, and peachy copper! The only different shades in the CoverGirl palette are the purple, matte dusty pink, and charcoal.

Here's what the Lorac Pro Metals looks like: 
What do you think? Are you excited for the new CoverGirl TruNaked Jewels palette? Have you seen it anywhere yet?

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New Skincare Spotted at Walgreens

Today I was at Walgreens and spotted a few new skincare items! They were in the regular skincare area, not in the section with the new products (just a tip in case you're looking for them). First, I spotted a new Micellar Cleansing Water from L'Oreal ($9.99). It comes in three formulas...

  • Waterproof Makeup Remover for all skin types (blue)
  • Purifying and Mattifying for Normal to Oily skin types (green)
  • Hydrating and Soothing for Normal to Dry skin types (pink)
 I own the Garnier Micellar Water with the blue cap (waterproof remover) and this one is very's also a dual-phase formula and it's completely unscented just like the Garnier version. I'm willing to bet the formulas are nearly identical since L'Oreal owns Garnier, but I bought the blue one to compare with the one I have at home so we'll find out soon enough!

Also in the L'Oreal section there was a placeholder for a new line for dry skin called Hydra Genius. There isn't too much information about it other than it gives your skin 72 hour ultra-light, intense hydration. The bottle says it's for "normal to dry skin", while the jar says "extra dry skin". I'll keep you guys posted as to when I find the actual products in-store but for now, I just wanted to let you know it's coming!

Also, I reposted this photo from @beautylogicblog on Instagram last week and kept meaning to talk about it here on the blog. Garnier is also coming out with a Micellar Water for normal to oily skin types that's supposed to purify pores and mattify the skin (similar to the L'Oreal one above). I saw a placeholder for this at Walgreens as well, so it should be arriving very soon!

Also in this photo, there's a "Gentle Sulfate-Free Cleanser in the background that's also new!

What do you think of these new products, will you be on the lookout for them? I have to say I'm happy to see them because I feel like we haven't had any new drugstore skincare launches in a while! :) 

Spotted! New Almay Healthy Glow Makeup

almay healthy glow makeup
Photo: @everythingglittersintx on Instagram

Thank you so much to Danielle & Madison (@everythingglittersintx on Instagram) for sending me this photo of the new Almay Healthy Glow Makeup! They spotted it at their local HEB store and I bet we'll be seeing it pop up in drugstores any day now.

The display says that this is "the only foundation with a hypoallergenic gradual self tanner" and that it's "medium coverage" that "perfects while wearing and leaves a healthy glow after removal". It also claims to have no orange tone, no streaks and low to no odor and contains SPF 20. It comes in three shades: Light, Light-Medium, and Medium.

I'm not always excited by Almay but I have to admit, this one has me intrigued!

First, I like the thought of a two-in-one product that eliminates the step of using a self-tanner...if you're going to be wearing foundation anyway why not tan while you're at it?

Second, it would be nice to keep a little bit of "glow" even after I take my makeup off at night (or if I go without makeup some days which I do pretty often).

My only concern is that wearing it every day will result in a tone that's too deep for my fair skin....when you're fair you really have to be careful not to overdo it. That being said, I'm guessing that the lighter foundation shades have a very small amount of self-tanner in them. Plus in my experience self-tanner doesn't last as long on your face as it does on your body because of the constant exfoliation from cleansing twice a day and applying skincare.

What do you guys think? Are you excited about this one? Have you spotted it out in the wild yet?

Spotted! Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Cushion Corrector + Primer Duo

It's only the beginning of November so I totally wasn't expecting to see anything new at the drugstores until at least after Thanksgiving. But today I was at CVS and spotted the new Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Cushion Corrector + Primer Duos!

They didn't have a price sticker on the display so I'm not sure how much they cost. I tried to scan them at the little coupon kiosk but it was having some issues and wasn't reading anything I tried to scan. So I'm sorry I don't have a price for you right now, but as soon as I find out, I'll update this post. :)

The packaging looks just like the cushion foundation they released last Spring except instead of one solid color, it's split down the middle just like the cushion inside.
They come in two shades and are designed so that you can either spot-color correct/brighten or use them all over your face as a color correcting or brightening primer.

Here's a look at the shades:

The first one (above) is a color-corrector and contains yellow to correct dark circles and dullness and green to correct redness. I definitely want to try this one because I sometimes need to brighten up my under eyes if I'm tired and I almost always have a red nose and redness around my nose and on my chin.
The second one is a brightener and contains peach to brighten darkness and lavender to brighten dullness.

What do you guys think? Are you excited to try this one? Have you seen them in stores yet?

Wet n Wild Holiday Sets Spotted at Rite Aid

The Wet n Wild holiday sets have started to arrive at Rite Aid! I spotted these five sets today ($4.99- $9.99) and I was especially excited to see the Au Naturel palette, which was previously a Walmart exclusive.
I haven't seen any sets at Walgreens or CVS yet so it's possible that this particular Rite Aid store put these out a little early (I haven't seen them at any other Rite Aid's in my area). But keep your eye out because I have a feeling they'll be hitting very soon!

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Hard Candy Fall 2016 Arriving at Walmart

The Hard Candy Fall 2016 collection has begun to pop up in Walmart stores this week. Thanks to my pal Krista (@mymonthlyobsessions on Instagram) who recently spotted the Hard Candy Fall 2016 Collection and took lots of photos that she kindly shared with me. Let's take a look! 
Pic: @mymonthlyobsessions on Instagram
First up (in the top left photo above) we have the Instant Lip Fix ($6) which includes a lip scrub and lip treatment. Also, the Take Two Lip Primer Duo includes one side that you can wear under glosses to extend wear time, boost shine and prevent fading, and another side that you can wear under lipstick and lip color that extends wear, locks in color, and prevents feathering.

The top right photo shows the Blooming Lip Oils ($6), which come in two that transforms to a pink tint, and one that transforms into a coral tint. They contain 10 essential oils to instantly hydrate and restore chapped lips and have a wet shine glossy finish.

On the bottom left is the new Sheer Envy Instant Eye Fix Under Eye Treatment...I'm wondering if this might be a dupe for Benefit's Puff Off!

On the bottom right is the new Sheer Envy Hydra Prime Primer Lotion ($6) , which claims to give your skin 12 hours of moisture. I love the Hydrating Primer Mist so I can't wait to try this primer lotion!
Pic: @mymonthlyobsessions on Instagram
Next up are two new eyeshadow palettes. The top one is called Rich & Famous and the bottom one is called Lap of Luxury ($6 each).
Pic: @mymonthlyobsessions on Instagram
Finally, I'm super excited about the new Glamoflauge Mix-In Pigment Makeup Drops (top photo). I wonder if they'll be a dupe for the CoverFX drops! You can mix them into moisturizers, oils, or primers to create your own custom foundation, or add them to foundation, BB Creams or tinted moisturizers for additional coverage. They come in 12 shades and are $7 each.

Also, there are new Metallic Matte Mousse Lip Colors ($6). I really liked the original Matte Mousse lipsticks, and these are right on trend, since a lot of brands have been doing metallic lipsticks lately.

So...what do you think? Anything you're dying to try?

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Soap & Glory Spotted at Walgreens!

I've had a nasty cold the past two days, so I headed over to Walgreens for some Motrin. Imagine my surprise when I saw this Soap & Glory endcap right in the beauty department! I'm so happy because I don't have an Ulta store near me and my local Target doesn't carry Soap & Glory either, so I had no options for buying it locally. 

I'm guessing that since Walgreens is shutting down, they're bringing some of their brands into stores (I also saw a display of Boots No. 7 skincare). 

If you're wondering whether or not your local Walgreens carries Soap & Glory, my advice would be to search Soap & Glory on the Walgreens website and click "find in a store". When I did that, I saw that about 50% of the Walgreens stores near me actually carry it. So definitely check before you head over there! 

Speaking of Walgreens, I also saw this advertisement on Instagram that was captioned, 

"Summer beauty is all about a healthy glow. From primers to foundations, blushes to bronzers, we have everything you need to shine on!" 

Then I was looking at the photo and saw products from The Balm, Tarte, and Benefit mixed in with drugstore brands. I'm guessing this is because Walgreens is also closing, which carries these brands, but I'm wondering if we'll actually see some of these in stores or if Walgreens will only carry them online. Interesting, right?! 

Have you seen Soap & Glory at your local Walgreens yet?

Yes to Miracle Oil Spotted at Walmart

I was at Walmart yesterday and spotted the new Yes to Miracle Oil line! Well, at least part of it...I didn't see the Lip Oils or Mud Masks...but I did find the cleansing wipes and facial oils. Let's take a look!

The facial oils are $12.97 and come in adorable little dropper bottles and there are two types...Argan Oil and Primrose Oil. The Argan formula is supposed to add radiance and hydration to dull, dry skin, while the anti-inflammatory properties of Primrose Oil are said to heal red or inflamed skin, whether you have acne or rosacea.

The wipes also come in Argan and Primrose Oil formulas and are meant to be a 2-in-1 product that both cleanses and moisturizes.

You can see the full line now at, or check out your local Walmart to see if they're there (I found mine in the bath & body aisle). 

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NEW SHADES of the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

I popped my head into Walgreens this afternoon to see if they had the new L'oreal Feline Mascara (they didn't) or the L'oreal Radiance Booster Primer (they did!) and I spotted something I didn't expect to see...8 new shades of the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor ($8.99). If you haven't seen these in store yet, I was able to find all of the new shades on the Target website for $7.99 each here.

This is the one matte liquid lipstick that actually feels comfortable on my drier lips (even though they're not a true matte, I still love the formula). When they initially launched I wished there were more shades...especially nudes so it looks like I got my wish!

Here are some close-ups of the new shades (F.Y.I., the model in the display photo above is wearing the brown HD Forever shade):

Have you seen these yet? What colors are you excited to try?

Look for these now at your local Walgreens or online at

NEW L'oreal Colour Riche Pocket Palettes Spotted in Stores + Swatches

The new L'oreal Summer 2016 releases are slowly making their way into stores and I was really surprised to see the new Les Quads by Colour Riche Pocket Palettes on the L'oreal website last night...I had no idea these were coming out. I keep seeing sneak peeks on L'oreal's snapchat of the new Sexy Balms and La Palette Glam, but I haven't heard anything about these until now. 

Here's the description from the L'oreal website

Create your color obsession with L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche® Pocket Palette, our first multi-color, multi-finish eyeshadow quad. Create sophisticated looks and make your color statement with specially curated shade families and finishes that range from shimmery to matte. Blends smoothly for easy application.

Thanks to two awesome readers, I now have confirmation that these are starting to show up in stores! First, Krista  (@mymonthlyobsessions on Instagram) shared this photo with me this morning of the display at her local Walmart. They're $8.97 each and she bought #106 Boudoir Charme and #114 Violet Amour. She also sent me some swatches of each palette taken in different lighting so you can really get a feel for what they're like! 

Here's a close-up of the Boudoir Charme quad. This one has four shimmer shades in it but most of them appear to have at least one matte shade, and more often, two matte shades.
Photo: @mymonthlyobsessions for The Budget Beauty Blog
Krista said that the pigmentation is good with these photos, she swatched each shade twice...the first swatch is one swipe and the second swatch is built up a little bit more. Even one swipe looks really nice, right?!
Photo: @mymonthlyobsessions for The Budget Beauty Blog
Swatches in direct sunlight:
Photo: @mymonthlyobsessions for The Budget Beauty Blog

Photo: @mymonthlyobsessions for The Budget Beauty Blog
She wasn't as impressed with Violet Amour...she said it was super dry feeling and really chunky. You can definitely see a difference with these swatches compared to the first palette above, so it appears that these can be hit or miss depending on the palette.
Photo: @mymonthlyobsessions for The Budget Beauty Blog
Photo: @mymonthlyobsessions for The Budget Beauty Blog
Photo: @mymonthlyobsessions for The Budget Beauty Blog

Photo: @mymonthlyobsessions for The Budget Beauty Blog

Next, @makeupismyjam on Instagram shared this photo with me of the display at Walgreens. They're $9.99 each and I heard from other readers that they've been spotting the new L'oreal lip palettes and the new Pro Glow foundation at Walgreens also, so be sure to keep your eyes out for those! The Pro Glow foundation has been next to impossible to get online so it'll be great to be able to get it in store for everyone who missed out.

What do you think of the new L'oreal Pocket Palettes? Have you seen these or the rest of the new L'oreal collection in stores yet? 

Thanks again to Krista of @mymonthlyobsessions and @makeupismyjam for the awesome photos!

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Maybelline Summer 2016 Spotted at Walmart

My local Walmart finally got the Maybelline Summer 2016 collection in and I was so happy to see a full display instead of the sad empty one that's been there for a few weeks. I really dislike going to Walmart as it is, so going there every few days to check on this hasn't been a pleasant task. But whew! it's all over now, I can sigh with relief that I don't have to go back for a while. Let's take a look!
maybelline color jolt intense lip paint

All of the new products are integrated into the regular Maybelline displays rather than being set up on an endcap or standing display. The first thing that jumped out at me are the new Color Jolt Intense Lip Paints ($7.73). These are supposed to be a lot like the Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipsticks (check out these great comparison swatches that my pal G. posted on Nouveau Cheap the other day). They appear to have a flocked applicator, just like the Too Faced version as well, so I'll be interested to try these out! Also, there are Shine Shot Lip Top Coats- one is clear and the other is shimmery. Now that glossy lips are back, I'm guessing these are meant to be worn over all those matte lipsticks!

Next, I spotted the new Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighters and Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick Contour & Highlight. 

Here's a closer look at the strobing stick shades...Light Iridescent is a pearly pink color, while Medium Nude Glow looks more golden bronze.

The Master Contour sticks come in three shades and have a pointed tip with a highlighter on one side and a contour shade on the other.

Next, I spotted the new Baby Lips Glow Balm. This is one of those pH color transforming products that's supposed to react with your natural chemistry to create your perfect shade of pink. I really like Baby Lips, so I'll definitely try this and review it soon!

Finally, I spotted the Better Skin Skin Transforming Powder. These come in 8 shades and are supposed to reduce the appearance of imperfections, pores, and unevenness.

I should also mention that this powder contains Salicylic Acid, for those who are sensitive to it.

I didn't see the new Color Tattoo Eye Chromes yet, but that's okay with me. I've seen quite a few swatches and I'm just not feeling them...I really wish Maybelline would stop adding new products to the Color Tattoo line and just come out with some new shades of the original Color Tattoos which are awesome!
Sigh...oh well.

Have you spotted the new Maybelline Summer 2016 products in stores yet? Have you tried anything?

NEW L'oreal Bright Reveal Spotted at Walgreens

As I've gotten older, a lot of sun damage has worked it's way to the surface of my skin, resulting in brown spots that look like freckles on my cheeks, nose, and under my eyes. I've been using Garnier's SkinActive Dark Spot Corrector and have definitely noticed a difference in how dark they skin looks brighter and more even-toned. But I also want anti-aging benefits, so I end up layering anti-wrinkle products on top of my brightening lotion.

That's why I was so excited to see this new L'oreal display at Walgreens yesterday. The L'oreal Bright Reveal Collection is anti-wrinkle + brightening in one cool is that? I love multitasking products! The line contains Glycolic Acid to exfoliate, Vitamin C to brighten and Pro Retinol to combat wrinkles.

The line consists of a Brightening Daily Scrub Cleanser ($6.99), Brightening Peel Pads ($19.99), Brightening Day Moisturizer ($19.99) and Brightening Dual Overnight Moisturizer ($19.99).

I'm excited to try the Overnight Moisturizer, which has dual chamber packaging to keep the brightening and anti-wrinkle ingredients separate until you're ready to use them. I also want to try the Peel Pads...I'm hoping they'll be a replacement for my Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads! 

If you haven't seen these at your local Walgreens yet, the entire line is available now at

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