Secret Extensions Review

Late one night, during a bout of insomnia, I was watching TV and saw an infomercial for Secret Extensions, with Daisy Fuentes as their celebrity spokesperson.

Normally, I don't pay attention to these things, but since having a baby, my hair has thinned out a lot, even though it's long. I contemplated chopping it into a bob, but I've had shorter hair for years and have finally grown it out. So I've been looking into extensions as a way to add some volume, not necessarily length (although I wouldn't mind a little more).


I decided against having them sewn or glued in at the salon...too costly and too much maintenance for me. Then I considered clip-ins but worried about the clips showing through my baby fine hair, plus they can be over $100.

Then I saw these. According to the commercial:

  • They're as easy as putting on a headband
  • They have a shade-match, money-back guarantee
  • They add length and volume in seconds
  • "Everyone will notice, but no one will know!"

It came in a box with some instruction cards and a coupon for money off your next purchase. The extension comes on a stretchy, clear headband that's a little thicker than the fishing line. One downside is that it cannot be repaired if it breaks, so you'll have to order a new one.

I thought the color was pretty darn close to mine! It comes with some nice highlights in it for a realistic look and the synthetic hair isn't too shiny like some extensions can be. It looks and feels very natural!

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One thing I want to mention is that this extension is not super thick, (meaning it's not a lot of hair, not the texture). Also, you have no choice of length, they're all 16" (you can have your stylist cut it to blend into your own hair if that's too long). So if you have fine hair like I do, one extension is perfect, it adds natural volume and some length.

But if your hair is thick, keep in mind that you'll have a thinner piece of hair extending down past your normal length and it might look a bit off. The good news is, you can double or triple these so you can still use them with thick hair, you'll just need more. I believe you get a second one for $$ so the more you order, you get a discount. 

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I took before and afters on the same day, but my phone fell into the toilet (yikes!) and I lost almost all of my photos except a few after photos I had already uploaded. So I just took a before photo today in the car while my 1-year-old was sleeping in his car seat.

Here's after...for some reason the ends are dyed very light so it gives me a bit of an ombre look. But my highlights on top are a little lighter from the sun anyway, so it matches those pretty well. By the way, the website says you can order lighter or darker on purpose for an ombre effect.

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I'm actually really impressed and happy with these! They add just enough thickness that my hair looks bac to normal, but not so big that people can tell.  They're super can barely feel them and the band disappears into your hair. It moves and feels like real hair and can be brushed, washed, and styled with a curling iron or flat iron (up to 320 degrees)!

I can't wait to try a wavy look next. They come with a slight curl at the bottom which actually helps to hide my terrible split ends! I also love that I have more hair to put in a ponytail or a bun and it doesn't look thin and wimpy!

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