When I went to the Sephora VIB Rouge sale last Saturday, I had every intention of buying the new Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Trio but when I swatched it, I was really disappointed…it was all glitter and no color with a dry texture. Then I spotted the Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Collection ($58) and was instantly impressed by the soft, creamy texture of the powders and the finely milled, shimmery (not glittery) finish. So even though this little palette cost as much as the entire Too Faced Chocolate Shop set, I couldn’t resist splurging on it.

Now that I’ve had it home for a few days, do I love it as much as I did when I first bought it? Read on to hear my thoughts…

The Fall in Love Illuminator Palette comes in a leopard-print plastic compact that’s really chic and simple. There’s no writing or logos at all on the front side and the back has the shade names, weight information, and country of origin which is Italy.

Inside are Laura’s four illuminators, and they’re about a third of the size of the full-sized versions, which are $44 each. These work out to about $14.60 each, which ends up being $58.60. So cost-wise, you’re not really saving anything but it’s not overpriced either.
In fact, I rarely ever hit pan on a highlighter so for me, buying full sizes can be a waste of money. I’ve always wanted to try Laura Mercier’s highlighters so I felt like this was the perfect way to try all four shades without spending $176 on the full sizes.

The four shades included are:

  • Indiscretion- Warm rose gold highlight
  • Addiction- Gilded Gold Highlight
  • Devotion- Cool Highlight
  • Seduction- Soft Bronze Highlight

Unfortunately, I should have known by looking at the palette that 3 of these shades would be too dark for my fair skin, but I was temporarily blinded by the beautiful texture of these…and the fact that I’ve always wanted to try Laura Mercier’s Face Illuminator formula. I suppose I could use them as eyeshadows, but I’m honestly debating whether to keep this or not. I probably won’t use it that much for myself, but as a blogger, I feel like I should have this in my collection to do comparison swatches in the future. So I’m kind of up in the air about whether I should bring it back.

As I was swatching the shades, I thought I noticed some similarities between these shades and a few of the shades in the NYX Strobe of Genius palette. So I pulled that out to do some comparison swatching (speaking of comparisons…haha!).

As it turns out, there are no perfect matches but I was able to get pretty close with three out of four shades! The Laura Mercier shades go on a little bit richer and deeper but once they’re sheered out on your face, you can’t really tell the difference.

Overall, if you own the NYX Strobe of Genius palette or have fair to light skin, you may want to skip this one. But if you’re looking for a luxury highlighting palette to give as a gift (or to splurge on for yourself), this is a great choice. The formula is excellent and it’s a much less expensive option than buying all four of the full sizes. I feel that these will last a long time since a little goes a long way and the pans are still a pretty generous size. 


I’ve tried a few products from the Boots Botanics line and loved them because they’re inexpensive and they work.  So I had to try more!
Last week while in Target, I decided to pick up their Microdermabrasion Polish.  The best one I’ve tried thus far on the market is Dr. Brandt’s which is $120 for 3.5 oz…yikes!  The Boots version is $10.39 for 4 oz…much better, but how does it work?  Check it out…

This has lots of natural, skin-loving ingredients such as Olive Fruit Oil, Glycerin, and Shea Butter yet does not leave a greasy film behind like some scrubs can. It contains Pumice stone microparticles as the exfoliant.

It’s an opaque cream and if you look closely, you can see the specks of pumice in it.

So, now for the nitty-gritty (sorry couldn’t help myself)…how does this compare to Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion? To me, it feels exactly the same texture-wise, and gets the job done just as well!  After using this, my skin was super smooth and soft, rough spots nowhere in sight.  The fine particles in a creamy base feel and perform so much like Dr. Brandt’s, I’m adding this to my dupes board! If you’re looking for an outstanding face polish, you should definitely give this one a try! 


Two new Anastasia Glow Kits just arrived this morning at the Anastasia Beverly Hills website and I have some stunning swatches for you! I shared them on Instagram last night before the palettes became available and when I checked this morning, they were live! Anastasia made a point of not telling anyone when they would be released to prevent their site from getting overloaded with traffic…that way, you won’t have to fight the crowds to get one. Let’s take a closer look!

Moonchild Glow Kit ($40)- 

Magically-Metallic highlighters that offer a celestial skin finish. Layer shades together or sweep them separately on face, eyes and body for a kaleidoscopic, shimmering effect. For a brightly amplified glow, apply with a damp makeup brush or sponge.

Blue Ice – Diamond white with an icy blue reflect
Star – A moonstone fusion of mint, platinum and silver reflect
Purple Horseshoe – A glittering lavender with an arctic blue reflect
Pink Heart – Pearl white with a pink opal reflect
Lucky Clover – A shamrock-infused gold with canary yellow diamond reflect
Blue Moon – Frozen blue with a silver reflect

Here are the swatches on three different skin tones…aren’t they just gorgeous??

Glow Kit Sweets($40)-

A collection of four metallic powder highlighters for intense luminosity. Layer shades of Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, or wear them separately, on the face and body for a radiant glow. 

Marshmallow – Intense pear with gold reflect 
Sassy Grape – Lavender with blue reflect
Taffy – A fusion of peach, pink, and gold reflect
Butterscotch – Caramel gold with white reflect

What do you think? Will you be indulging in one of the new Glow Kits?