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The Lorac PRO 3 Eyeshadow Palette ($44) is brand new for Summer and will be available online at Ulta.com on June 12th and Ulta stores on June 26th (I got mine over Memorial Day weekend when they offered it to Platinum Members early). Other stores (Kohls, Nordstrom, etc. will be getting it sometime in July). If you're a fan of Lorac's eyeshadows like I am, then keep reading for my review...I'll also compare this to a few other Lorac palettes I have later on in the post.



Like the other Lorac PRO Palettes, PRO 3 comes in a box with a mini tube Behind the Scenes eyeshadow primer. The palette itself is identical to PRO 1 & 2 except for its color which is a beautiful creamy shade. Like the others, it's very lightweight and travel-friendly with a magnetic closure. The soft, rubbery outside is a fingerprint magnet but this one doesn't seem to show them as badly as the darker-colored previous versions.


The formula is gorgeous, as always...smooth, buttery and highly pigmented. These shadows blend like a dream and go on vibrantly, even without primer. The only shade I had a little trouble with in terms of patchiness was Truffle, which is a deep gray shimmer.

The lighter matte shades like Blanc and Canvas didn't show up well on my skin, but I'm not sure if it's because they're sheerer, or because they're so close to my own skin color that there's no contrast.


Also, they do kick up quite a bit of fallout, as Lorac's super soft formula tends to do, but it doesn't mean that they feel dry or chalky...quite the opposite! They actually go on very silky, just make sure you tap your brush well before applying to prevent them from falling down onto your cheeks.

Regardless, if you're familiar with and like Lorac's formula, you definitely won't be disappointed in this one.


Color Selection:

This is very much a Nude palette and is a gorgeous option for those of you who prefer an "everyday" look over bolder shades. I know that Nude palettes have already had their moment, but I'm still glad that Lorac finally made a PRO version because these are my favorite eyeshadows to work with and this palette is full of shades I will wear every day. There isn't one in this entire palette that I won't use and I'm rarely able to say that.

Like the other PRO palettes, this one has 8 matte and 8 shimmer shades in both cool and warm tones so you have a lot of versatility here!

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Cons: There's only one con with this palette, and it goes for all of the PRO palettes, not just this one. The pans are on the smaller side and the formula does kick up a bit when you dip your brush in, resulting in a very messy-looking interior. In the photo above, I swatched the top row and you can see how the color smears all around each pan. I'll be honest, it's a pain in the neck to keep clean, especially since it's such a light color. So if that's your pet peeve, I just wanted to warn you ahead of time!

Swatches: You can really see how pigmented this palette is here, especially since I didn't use any primer!


PRO 3 vs. Unzipped Gold:

The overall shade range in the PRO 3 reminded me a bit of Unzipped Gold, so I wanted to photograph them side-by-side and swatch them to see if there were any dupes.

I swatched the shades I thought looked very close in the pan but as you'll see below in the swatches, there are no 100% dupes here.

PRO 3 vs. PRO 2 & PRO Matte:

I didn't find any similar shades in the PRO Matte palette, but there were a few in the PRO 2 palette that looked like they were close. Once again, no true dupes!

PRO 3 vs. PRO 2 PRO Matte

Overall, whether you're a LORAC fan or a fan of everyday nude eyeshadows, I think you'll love the PRO 3 palette! I'm a fan of both and I know I'll use this palette all the time.

Grab yours on Sunday, June 12th at Ulta.com

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