Laura Mercier Fall In Love Face Illuminator Collection Review

When I went to the Sephora VIB Rouge sale last Saturday, I had every intention of buying the new Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Trio but when I swatched it, I was really was all glitter and no color with a dry texture. Then I spotted the Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Collection ($58) and was instantly impressed by the soft, creamy texture of the powders and the finely milled, shimmery (not glittery) finish. So even though this little palette cost as much as the entire Too Faced Chocolate Shop set, I couldn't resist splurging on it.

Now that I've had it home for a few days, do I love it as much as I did when I first bought it? Read on to hear my thoughts...
The Fall in Love Illuminator Palette comes in a leopard-print plastic compact that's really chic and simple. There's no writing or logos at all on the front side and the back has the shade names, weight information, and country of origin which is Italy.
Inside are Laura's four illuminators, and they're about a third of the size of the full-sized versions, which are $44 each. These work out to about $14.60 each, which ends up being $58.60. So cost-wise, you're not really saving anything but it's not overpriced either.
In fact, I rarely ever hit pan on a highlighter so for me, buying full sizes can be a waste of money. I've always wanted to try Laura Mercier's highlighters so I felt like this was the perfect way to try all four shades without spending $176 on the full sizes.
The four shades included are:

  • Indiscretion- Warm rose gold highlight
  • Addiction- Gilded Gold Highlight
  • Devotion- Cool Highlight
  • Seduction- Soft Bronze Highlight

Unfortunately, I should have known by looking at the palette that 3 of these shades would be too dark for my fair skin, but I was temporarily blinded by the beautiful texture of these...and the fact that I've always wanted to try Laura Mercier's Face Illuminator formula. I suppose I could use them as eyeshadows, but I'm honestly debating whether to keep this or not. I probably won't use it that much for myself, but as a blogger, I feel like I should have this in my collection to do comparison swatches in the future. So I'm kind of up in the air about whether I should bring it back.

As I was swatching the shades, I thought I noticed some similarities between these shades and a few of the shades in the NYX Strobe of Genius palette. So I pulled that out to do some comparison swatching (speaking of comparisons...haha!).
As it turns out, there are no perfect matches but I was able to get pretty close with three out of four shades! The Laura Mercier shades go on a little bit richer and deeper but once they're sheered out on your face, you can't really tell the difference.

Overall, if you own the NYX Strobe of Genius palette or have fair to light skin, you may want to skip this one. But if you're looking for a luxury highlighting palette to give as a gift (or to splurge on for yourself), this is a great choice. The formula is excellent and it's a much less expensive option than buying all four of the full sizes. I feel that these will last a long time since a little goes a long way and the pans are still a pretty generous size. 

You can find the Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Collection now at

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Light Palette Review

One of the most beautiful holiday releases of the year so far has to be the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Light Palette ($80).  It's visually stunning inside and out and the shades inside are all brand new, which is a big improvement over last year's Ambient Edit (which only had one new shade and the rest were from their core collection).

But it's also one of the more expensive palettes you'll come across, especially for how much product is inside. So is it worth the high price tag? Let's take a look...
The packaging is something totally different than we've seen from Hourglass in the past. Their usual packaging is a deep bronze color and attracts fingerprints like crazy. This palette looks like it's made from marble (it's a very solid, sturdy plastic) and is one of the reasons I bought it because it's so beautiful and unique.
The Surreal Light Palette contains five shades...the largest of which is .14 oz. and the rest are .04. This brings the total powder weight to .30 oz- almost identical to last year's palette which was .294 oz.
Here's how the costs break down:
  • A Full size Ambient Lighting Powder is 0.35 oz. for $46.00  ($132.87/oz.)
  • A Full size Ambient Lighting Blush is 0.15 oz. for $38.00 ($253.08/oz.)
  • A Full size Ambient Lighting Bronzer is 0.39 oz. for $50.00 ($128.21/oz.) 
This palette works out to be $266.40/oz. so it's more expensive per oz than buying the full sizes. However, it's a cheaper option than purchasing all of the full sizes, especially if you want to try the blushes, bronzer, highlighter and Ambient powder all at the same time. 

Many people have told me that they feel that this palette is overpriced (based on the feedback I've gotten on social media), and if you look strictly at the numbers that's definitely true. I feel that this should be priced closer to $60. 

But many other people have told me that it's worth the extra cost to them between the beautiful packaging, and the ease of having all of their face products in one convenient palette. Not to mention, this is the only way to try these new shades at the moment. 
The Surreal Lighting palette contains soft, warm tones that are meant to re-create the ultra-flattering effect of the "magic hour"(the time shortly before sunrise or sunset). This gives your skin a soft, natural glow and the soft-focus technology helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections, while toning down discoloration.

Shades include:

  • 0.14 oz Ambient Lighting Powder in Surreal Light (sheer nude) 
  • 0.04 oz Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Surreal Bronze Light (neutral tan with Surreal Light) 
  • 0.04 oz Ambient Lighting Blush in Surreal Glow (pale peony pink with Surreal Light),
  • 0.04 oz Surreal Effect (cool, pink rose with soft, warm peach) 
  • 0.04 oz Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder in Surreal Strobe Light (glimmering peach) 

In my opinion, these shades work best on fair to medium skin tones...I don't think that the blushes and bronzer would really show up on anyone who has a deeper skin tone. The shades are very light, soft and natural and the powders are silky, smooth and feel amazing on the skin.

The Ambient Powder in Surreal Light is an all-over finishing powder and is a slightly warmer version of Dim Light (which is one of my favorites because it's so subtle without a lot of "glow"). Surreal Light doesn't accentuate pores or imperfections and gives a beautiful all-over warmth to my cool-toned skin.
The Surreal Glow Blush is a soft, peachy nude that's perfect for every day, while the Surreal Effect Blush is a brighter pink that gives a little more color. They're each beautiful on their own and I also love mixing the two together for a custom shade.
The Surreal Bronze Light is the perfect bronzer for fair to light skin's not the slightest bit orange and adds just the right amount of warmth to your face.
Finally, the Surreal Strobe Light contains the most shimmer in the palette but it's not a super-intense shimmer, so it keeps in line with the soft theme of the palette. It definitely shows up on my cheekbones and creates that "pop" but you can't really overdo it.
Overall, the Hourglass Surreal Light Palette is quite a splurge but I have to say...I love it! When I wear these shades on my skin, I feel like I look more's kind of hard to explain, but they give my pale, cool-toned skin a healthy glow that somehow manages to look like I'm not wearing any makeup at all. I'm all about looking natural, so that's what I love best about this palette.
In the end, I really wasn't disappointed because I know I'll use every shade in this palette on a very regular basis and I hope that Hourglass will release these shades individually at some point! 

Yes it is expensive but if you have fair to light skin that needs a little pick-me-up (without looking obvious), it might be worth splurging on. 

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Light Palette is available at Sephora now for VIB and VIB Rouge members, and will be available soon for everyone. 

What do you think of the new Hourglass Surreal Light Palette? Will you be getting this one? 

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Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick Review

I've been hearing tons of buzz about the new Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick ($46) lately, and while it's way more than I would normally spend on a foundation, something about it was intriguing me. It claims to be long-wearing with the "coverage of a concealer, fluidity of a liquid, and weightlessness of a powder for invisible, full coverage."
Based on the reviews I've seen, people either love this or they hate it. Those with dry skin say it emphasizes dryness and those with oily skin say that it breaks down quickly and doesn't last. The first time I tried it, I admit I was with the seemed to cling to all the dry patches on my face and reminded me why I try to avoid stick foundations these days. But I continued to play with it and ended up changing my mind. Let's take a closer look!

First, let's talk packaging... Vanish is beautiful and unique. It comes in the classic Hourglass bronze tube but instead of the typical rounded shape, this one is triangular. If you like to apply your stick foundations straight from the tube, you'll appreciate its ability to get into smaller spaces, such as around the nose and underneath your eyes...just point one of the corners into the area where you want it to go.

It comes in 26 shades, which is an impressive range...almost everyone will likely find a close or exact match. I also like how the shades are described on the Sephora website- they tell you the shade name (fair, light, medium, deep etc.) and then they describe the undertone (cool, warm, or neutral). It made it pretty easy to choose my shade online and when I went into the store, I tested a few of them and ended up with Shell, which was the shade I decided on when I looked online the night before. 

On the downside, you're not getting a ton of product for your money. Vanish comes with .25oz of product, compared to the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick foundation (.32oz for $25) or the Bobbi Brown foundation stick (.31oz for $46). But the good news is, you need to use so little of this foundation to cover your face, it should last you a really long time. 

This formula is everything Hourglass claims it to be, and is unlike any stick foundation I've ever tried. It gives full coverage (it's awesome around the eyes...I don't even need concealer most days), it melts into your skin with a satin finish, and is super lightweight. When they say it's as light as a powder, it truly is!

Because the formula is very concentrated and highly pigmented, you only need a tiny bit of product. That was the first mistake I made, which caused me to dislike this foundation at first. I swiped it directly onto my face, like I always do with stick foundations, and then blended out with a brush. It seemed to cling to every dry patch and looked really cakey. I tried it a couple of times with different primers and the same thing kept happening. Then I saw a YouTube review of this (I can't remember who it was), and they suggested taking a dense brush with shorter bristles and swiping it across the top of the stick, then applying it to your face.

Once I did that, it was like, "ah ha!". No more cakiness...just smooth, ridiculously lightweight coverage. The best part is, it doesn't settle into lines on your face because you're barely using any product. It gives a satin finish that keeps your skin from looking totally flat and matte, and there's no shimmer in this formula whatsoever, so you won't look dewy or glowy. The finish is just really skin.

For reference, I've been using my Cailyn O Wow! Brush and it gives me great results. Hourglass also makes a brush that's meant to be used specifically with this foundation (Vanish Foundation Brush $46) but that brings the total up to $92...yikes. I don't know about you, but if I'm spending $46 on a foundation, I'm not going to spend a lot on a brush to go with it. I also tried my Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Brush ($15.99) and it works great also. Any soft brush with short, dense bristles will work well.

Here's a swipe of the color Shell on my looks dark because the underside of my arm is lighter than the rest of my skin. It's a near-perfect match for my face (although I might need to go one shade lighter in the Winter). Shell is described as Light with a neutral undertone.
After I took this photo, I took my brush and blended the swatch out and it covered the underside of my arm from my wrist to my elbow...that's how far this goes. You really only need a tiny bit of product.

As far as staying power goes, it's hard for me to say how this will work on oily skin. The Sephora website has reviews of people saying it broke down on them after only an hour or two and others with oily skin say it lasts all day. Due to the creaminess of this product, I would definitely suggest setting it to prevent it from sliding off.
Since I have dry skin, I don't have any issues with it wearing off prematurely. I set it with Mally Beauty Poreless Face Defender (which I prefer to powder since I have drier skin) and it lasts all day for me.

Overall, it's hard to say whether or not this will work for everyone, but I would recommend it based on my personal experience. The formula was a little tricky to work with because it's different than anything else I've tried, but I'm glad that I stuck with it and experimented a bit.

You can purchase Hourglass Seamless Finish Foundation Stick at

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Palette | Now Available

More Holiday new releases are starting to drop! The latest is the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Light Palette ($80) available at Sephora for VIB and Rouge members. It's definitely on the pricey side, but at least this year the shades are all brand new. Last year, a lot of Hourglass fans (including myself) were disappointed that most of the shades were repeats that they already had in their collection.

The packaging is totally different from the usual deep bronze colored reflective compacts (which are a total fingerprint magnet)...this one looks like white marble!

The largest shade in this collection, Surreal Light is a sheer nude setting powder that creates a soft focus glow on your complexion and evokes the magic hour where the sun brings the softest, most flattering glow to the skin.

It also includes:

  • Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Surreal Bronze Light (light golden bronze)
  • Ambient Lighting Blush in Surreal Glow (medium to dark golden bronze) and Surreal Effect (rose-pink golden bronze).
  • Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder in Surreal Strobe Light (medium-warm bronze)
Here are some swatches from Beautezine that I saw recently:

Photo: Beautezine

I love how soft these look on the skin...there's no obvious shimmer or sparkle, just a beautiful subtle effect.

Will you be splurging on this one? 

Grab yours now at (VIB and Rouge only for now).

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Would You Splurge on the Bobbi Brown Nude Library?

The new Bobbi Brown Nude Library 25th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette just launched at and since I don't own any Bobbi Brown eyeshadows (and I'm a crazy palette hoarder), I was all about putting it in my cart.

Until I saw that it was $200...ouch.

Still, the packaging is beautiful and it contains 40 hand-picked eyeshadows from her best-loved, most popular palettes. I have a few Nordstrom notes saved up from the N-Sale, but they'll barely make a dent in this so sadly, it's just not in the budget. If only I had unlimited funds...
What do you think? Is it worth the splurge? 

You can find the Bobbi Brown Nude Library at

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trèStiQue Review and Swatches

I was recently introduced to the brand trèStiQue and right away, I knew that this was makeup designed after my own heart. I love beauty products that come in stick form...they're quick, easy, and efficient...perfect for a busy mom of a 3 year old ( that doesn't have a lot of time to apply makeup during the week . trèStiQue takes it a few steps further by including tools within the stick itself (talk about travel friendly!) and magnetic closures that ensure that they won't pop open in your bag. 
They kindly sent me a few products to try and I couldn't wait to share them with you, so let's get started! 

Blush Stick ($34)- This comes in two shades...Bora Bora Coral and St. Barths Pink (which is the one I have). I was surprised by how big it was in person...this isn't a tiny little blush stick! It's large enough to cover your cheeks in one or two swipes and the angled brush on the other end does a great job of blending it seamlessly into your cheeks (I swirl it in circular motions). The magnetic closure is really strong and I have every confidence that it will stay closed, even if it's banging around at the bottom of my purse. 

I love the formula so much, especially for summer because it's not greasy at all. The cream-gel dries down almost immediately to a powder finish and becomes like one with the skin, so you can run your fingers over your cheek and you won't feel a thing. That's really rare for a cream blush, at least in my experience. Most that I've tried take some time to completely dry down (and some don't at all) so I was very impressed with that aspect of it. It was also nicely pigmented and long-lasting...I'm talking all-day wear! 
Also, if your brush starts wearing out before you run out of blush, trèStiQue offers replacement brushes for $5...just pop out the old one and swap it for a new one.

In the photo below, I swatched the blush straight from the tube, and then blended out with the brush below that for a really soft finish. 

The Lip Crayon ($28) has a creamy matte lipcolor on one end and a BB Lip Balm on the other. I'm not really a fan of matte lipsticks because they're usually too dry for me, but this one surprised me! It goes on smoothly and is very long-wearing without making my lips feel parched. The BB Lip Balm isn't too slick or shiny so it can be worn under the matte lip color as more of a primer to keep your lips soft, or layered on top for a subtle shine. When I wear the balm on top, my lips feel comfortable the entire time I wear this lipstick!
Looking at the balm in the tube, you would think it has some color, but it goes on pretty much clear...just a hint of pink. The lipstick color I was sent is Barcelona Bright Berry (there are six shades in all with coordinating balms).

Here I am wearing both the St. Barths Pink blush and the Barcelona Bright Berry lipstick with the balm layered on top.

I apologize that this photo is out of focus (my camera focused on the trees behind me instead!) but I still wanted to include it because you're still able to see what the colors look like on me.

trèStiQue also offers bundles, which save you a little bit of money as well as mini sets (here and here) so you can try the products before committing to the full sizes. They offer eye crayons, highlighters, contour sticks, concealers and more...all in portable stick form with attached tools.

Overall, I have really been enjoying trèStiQue! The products are very high-quality and the packaging is genius, from the travel-friendly magnetic closures to the two-in-one time saving designs. If you love your makeup in stick form like I do, be sure to check out trèStiQue.

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Smith & Cult Nail Polish Review

I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging so when I saw the Smith & Cult nail polishes ($18) at a little boutique a few weeks ago, I couldn't resist and purchased one. The last time I spent $18 on a nail polish was back in the 1990's when Hard Candy was super trendy and selling out all over the place. It's funny because I was just telling my husband about how much more expensive the Hard Candy polishes with the little rubber rings used to be and then I found out later that day that Smith & Cult was started by Dineh Mohajer...none other than the founder of Hard Candy! How weird (and totally cool) is that?!
Smith & Cult- Beat Street, Bitter Buddhist, Plastic Beach, Psycho Candy

Once I tried one, I ended up going online and ordering a few more because I loved how smoothly they go on and how long they last. They're not streaky at all and you could probably get away with one coat because the coverage is awesome (I still do two coats because it makes the color more intense) I've had one on my nails for a week so far and it hasn't chipped yet- that's enough to impress me since my nail polish normally chips in 2-3 days. Ah, life with a toddler!

The name Smith & Cult is meant to express the two sides within each person...Smith is the "good girl" and Cult is the "edgy one". The gorgeous perfume-style bottles capture that perfectly...they have these heavy gold-hammered caps that are artfully dented on one side and smooth on the other. They're also five free (no dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and camphor). 
Smith & Cult Bitter Buddhist
Since it would be kind of awkward to paint your nails with that large gold cap, it pulls off to reveal a small black cap underneath. The brush is on the shorter side and I find it much easier to paint with it than with a standard-length brush because I have more control over it. 
Don't make fun of my terrible nail polish application but I just painted them quickly to show you one of the colors I got...this one is called Beat Street, a bold turquoise that's said to compliment every skin tone. In the background, the pink shade on the left is called Plastic Beach, the coral shade is Psycho Candy, and the celadon green is called Bitter Buddhist.

Smith & Cult Beat Street
I apologize I didn't have time to swatch the other three shades, but you can see swatches of the others at actually has a lot of the shades swatched if you're curious about what they look like on. 

Where to Buy: 

I prefer to order mine from have super fast and FREE shipping. They say it's 3-day shipping anywhere in the country but both times I've ordered, it came the next day so I'm guessing their warehouse is somewhere in the northeast. They're also carried at Birchbox, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, and Saks.

Final Thoughts: 

I'm obsessed with these nail polishes...I just ordered two more, Fauntleroy (a really pretty lavender) and Pillow Pie (a soft baby pink). I really need to stop, but between the beautiful packaging, high-quality formula, fun shade names, and gorgeous shades I'm having a really hard time resisting. They're basically everything I could want in a nail polish!

What's your favorite nail polish formula/color? 

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Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer | First Impression

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I recently splurged on the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Primer ($44) because I love the powder version so much (it's my holy grail high-end finishing powder) and I had really high hopes for this. Unfortunately, anticipation can sometimes lead to disappointment and I may be really unpopular for saying this, but...I wasn't all that impressed by this.

Here's why:

Dewy skin has recently become popular again so it's only natural that we'll start to see products that claim to give us that "lit-from-within" glow. The thing is, there are products that were released the last time dewy skin was in that give the same effect for a lot less money. One example off the top of my head is L'oreal Magic Lumi. I still use that primer all the time!  Another one is Pixi's Flawless Beauty Primer. Both of them give your skin a subtle glow that peeks through your foundation to help your look flawless and glowy.

That's basically what this new Hourglass primer does for me...but it's $44 for a little 1 oz. tube. One thing it has going for it is that it comes in three different shades. Luminous Light gives your skin a beautiful glow without adding a lot of color, while Mood Light has a pink/lavender tone to correct a sallow complexion. Dim Light (which is the one I got) has a peachy brown tint and warms up my skin a little bit. You can see in the heavy swatch below that it looks almost bronzer-like against my pale skin, but once you spread it out (just above the heavy swatch), the effect is more subtle.

It feels really thin and lightweight...not at all like a traditional silicone primer. It goes on more like a lotion that absorbs almost instantly with no greasy or sticky feel, so those with oily skin types will probably love that about it. For me, it's actually a negative because my dry skin absorbs this as I'm trying to apply it which means it doesn't spread easily and I have to use a lot to cover my face. At $44 an ounce, that's not what I want to happen. Also, another thing I look for in a primer is the ability to fill in pores and fine lines and I didn't notice much of that with this because it's not a thicker, more "spackle-like" formula.
Overall, it did give my skin a nice glow that was still visible even through my foundation...but for me, the effect was so similar to Magic Lumi (which also has a similar, lightweight texture by the way) I just can't justify spending the $44 on it. Glowy primers are not really a "new" concept but now that they're becoming popular again, I guess companies assume that you've forgotten about the older formulas and will be on to the next best thing.

Unfortunately, it's going back to Sephora. It's not a bad product by any means...I just can't justify the cost for what it does (and doesn't do), especially when there are drugstore products out there that can give me the glowy base I'm looking for.

You can find the Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer at

Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primers Available at Sephora

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If you're in the mood for a splurge, how about the new Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer ($44)? They just launched today at and come in three shades that are infused with light correcting pigments that act as a first filter to neutralize, brighten and soften light.

They blur imperfections and perfect the appearance of the skin for better makeup application. They claim to have "a texture unlike any other primer" that's oil-free and weightless with no greasy or "wet" feel.

Luminous Light is a pearly champagne shade that's supposed to give a candlelit glow to the skin.
Dim Light has a beige tint and is supposed to neutralize the skin.
Mood Light is a soft pink tint that's supposed to brighten up and balance sallow or yellow-toned skin.

Dim Light is my favorite Ambient powder because it's the least sparkly and just gives my skin a beautiful, polished glow so I feel like I need to try that one. I'll be sure to let you know how I like it! :)

Available now at

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Swatches & First Impression

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit ($80 at Sephora) is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated releases for Holiday 2015. For me, the fact that it contained Hourglass' famous face powders, blushes and a bronzer all in one beautiful compact meant that I had to get it the minute it launched. But is it worth the splurge? Read on to find out...

T3 Twirl 360 Review and Giveaway

I recently had the opportunity to review the T3 Twirl 360 curling iron from iFabbo and I was beyond excited! I remember when T3 first landed at Sephora back when I worked there and we all lusted after their flat irons, hair dryers and curling irons. I remember finally getting a T3 flat iron for Christmas 2006...that was almost 9 years ago and I still use it today, and that tells you how well made they are.  
So I jumped at the chance to add a curling iron to my collection....and I must say, this is the most beautiful curling iron I've ever seen! Let's take a look...

Nuxe Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm Review

Nuxe Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm ($19) recently showed up at my local Target, along with a few of their other items that have a cult following such as the Huile Prodigieuse. I was surprised to see this luxury French line at Target, right next to the Boots No.7, as I've never even seen Nuxe products in person in my small little town. Of course, I've read about it over the years in fashion magazines...and how celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are among their huge fans (as well as countless other celebs). 
So even though I was a bit skeptical of dropping $20 on a jar of lip balm, I figured, a.) I have the driest lips in the world and am still looking for that holy grail miracle treatment, and b.) if it's good enough for Gwyneth and Jen, it's good enough for me. Just kidding about that last part...mostly. Let's take a look!
Nuxe Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm Review

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Review and Swatches

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick ($25) is brand new and is the first Lipstick Queen product I've tried. I've been hearing about the brand for quite a while on various blogs and on YouTube but I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on one...until now. The Frog Prince was one of my favorite stories growing up...I used to watch it over and over on VHS with my sisters when we were kids. Our favorite was a version that was made in the 1980's with Helen Hunt as the mean sister Henrietta and Aileen Quinn (Annie!) as Princess Zora. Ok, now that I'm talking about it I want to see it again but I'm pretty sure the tape we had is completely worn out...and I don't have a VCR anymore.  Time to check YouTube, haha! Anyway, I digress, I'm supposed to be talking about lipstick.  Let's take a look...
Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Review and Swatches

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil Review

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil ($105 at Sephora) is a next-generation retinol oil that helps to fight the signs of aging.  I normally don't review products that are this expensive on the blog (let alone purchase them for myself!) but when it comes to skincare I'll spend the big bucks on something if I truly believe it's going to make a difference. I feel that your skin is the foundation for everything, and if it looks great, your makeup will look better...actually, you'll probably need to wear less of it. As I've gotten older, I've found that wearing a lot of makeup, particularly foundation can be aging (the exact opposite of what I'm trying to accomplish!) so if I can get my skin looking as close to flawless as possible on it's own, I won't have to always worry about covering up age spots, redness, pores, and fine lines. 


GLAMGLOW THIRSTYCLEANSE ($39 at Sephora) is a mud-to-foam cleanser for dry, dehydrated skin. A while back, I reviewed the Supercleanse mud-to-foam cleanser (see my review here) which clears oil and pore-clogging impurities from the skin and I loved it because it was like a less expensive, everyday version of the Supermud mask. Since I have dry skin and I'm obsessed with Thirstymud, I knew I had to try the cleanser version. Let's take a look!

Hourglass Modernist Palette Review and Swatches

Recently I was in Sephora and spotted the beautiful Hourglass Modernist Palettes ($58) on the front table where they set out all the new products. There are actually 7 versions of this palette so it was really hard to choose just one (Lord knows I can't afford any more than that!). I ended up going with Infinity, which is described as "warm neutrals". 
The palette case is really sleek and modern, with a deep, dark bronze color and mirrored finish. It's not too large, about the size of an iPhone so it's perfect for travel or taking with you in your purse.

GLAMGLOW Supercleanse Mud to Foam Cleanser Review

On a recent Sephora birthday haul (thanks to my husband for the gift card!) I decided to try a few of the new Spring 2015 products. It was a bit of a risk since most of them didn't even have reviews yet, but I took the plunge anyway.  
One of the items I bought was from GLAMGLOW. They've just released a mud-to-foam cleanser called Supercleanse ($39) and I really wanted to try it since I've enjoyed the samples of their masks I've gotten in a few of my subscription boxes. Even though $39 is a bit steep for a cleanser I was intrigued by the thought of a mud mask that turns into a cleanser and figured it might be worth the money it does double duty. Let's take a look! 
I was surprised by how big the bottle was! It came in a cardboard cylinder that I thought was really nice, but kind of a waste of packaging since it's just getting thrown out anyway. When you open the cylinder, you're greeted by the words, "Hello Sexy" printed on the top part of the tube which made me's a cute little touch.
The bottle itself has a pump top which is keeps things neat and clean and dispenses just the right amount of product with one pump. Much easier than those jars!

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