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flower beauty flower pots blushes
Flower Beauty has just released several new products for Spring 2017 and I went on a major haul yesterday at Walmart (see everything I got here). One of the first things that caught my eye was the Flower Pots Blush ($8.98 each). They reminded me of the Milani Rose blushes as soon as I saw them so I couldn't wait to come home and compare them! Let's take a look...
Naturally radiant cheeks that are as pretty as a petal! Flower Pots Powder Blush blends on smooth and silky, enhancing your skin tone with a healthy flush of color. The shade warms your complexion to your ideal tone. Show off your rosy glow! 
  • Size: .21oz.
  • Country of Origin: U.S.A.
  • Price: $8.98
  • Where to Buy: Select Walmart stores (not yet available online)

Shade Selection:
Flower Beauty Flower Pots come in four shades (see them here) and I chose the two lightest shades since I'm so fair (I passed on the deeper peach and bright pink colors).

I ended up grabbing Sweet Pea, which is a beautiful dusty rose matte and Warm Hibiscus which is a peachy pink with just a touch of gold shimmer in it.

Sweet Pea and Warm Hibiscus
I'm already in love with the formula of the Flower Pots...they're so smooth and go on beautifully! They feel buttery to the touch but not quite as waxy as the Milani Rose blushes...I would say these are silkier and have very little powder kickup. Have you ever tried using a blush that was really buttery and it just didn't blend easily because your skin was sort of grabbing onto it too much? That's the one issue I have with the Milani Rose blushes and these new Flower Pots don't do that at all. They pick up easily with one touch of the brush and just glide effortlessly across the cheeks. It's a really gorgeous formula! 
The two shades I bought are perfect for fair to light skin tones like mine. Warm Hibiscus has a little bit of shimmer but it doesn't highlight my pores...it just warms up my skin and gives it a pretty glow. Sweet Pea is the perfect matte shade for me since I'm cool-toned...it's the shade my cheeks turn naturally when I'm flushed. You can tell in the photo below how smooth these are, as there's no skipping across my skin. They're also nicely pigmented but not so pigmented that you feel like you have to blend, blend, blend. I found them to be really effortless to use. 

Comparison Swatches:
I wanted to compare these to some of my high-end blushes to see if I could find any dupes. As it turns out, I didn't find any in my collection, so I was really happy about that!
At first glance, I thought Warm Hibiscus looked just like the new Too Faced Papa Don't Peach blush but once I swatched them side-by-side, I realized they're much different.
flower pots blush warm hibiscus
Warm Hibiscus
Here, I've compared Warm Hibiscus next to several of my high-end peachy pink blushes that have shimmer:
Next I wanted to compare Sweet Pea to some cooler-toned matte blushes from my collection. I don't have a lot of those so there were only two that looked close in the pan.
flower pots blush sweet pea

Finally, I couldn't leave you without comparing these to the Milani Rose Blushes. I was shocked when I put them next to each other and realized that the Milani version is 3x the size (.60oz vesus .21oz.). As I said above, I do like the Flower formula a little bit better as it feels less waxy and easier to blend (but I do still like the Milani formula a lot).

As far as dupes go, none of the Milani shades I own are a match for these two Flower shades. That being said, both products offer more shades in their collections so there may be a dupe in there somewhere. 

Final Thoughts:
I highly recommend the new Flower Beauty Flower Pots! They have a beautiful formula and I didn't notice any difference in quality between them and my high-end blushes when I was swatching them together. At under $10 a piece, they're definitely a great buy.

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  1. These look amazing! I almost bought one of these the other day.
    A Sparkle Of Grace

  2. Thank you so much for all the work you did on the comparison swatches. It's so helpful! I will be getting both of these shades.

  3. I saw a bunch of the new items in my local store and was very intrigued by what is all out! I also picked up sweet pea, and I love it!

  4. I love Flower beauty! I will def be picking one up.

  5. I was hoping you had found the new Flower beauty! I was very impressed with these blushes. Everything else I bought (pretty much everything you bought) was blowing me away with the pigmentation and quality. People need to know how good Flower beauty is! Wish they sold it anywhere other than wal-mart but I'm just happy one of the wal-marts near me carries the brand. =)

  6. I love the Milani rose blushes as well, but I had been wanting a shade more like Warm Hibiscus and they don't offer one in that line. So glad to see Flower has one and I'm happy to hear that it's good quality!

    -Tara Joy

  7. I wonder if Warm Hibiscus is like Nars Orgasm. It reminds me of something in my collection but I can't put my finger on what.

  8. Thank you! I googled a comparison between Sweet Pea and Romantic Rose and there it was!

  9. I travel the country for a living and I cannot tell you how many Walmarts I had to stop at before I found these! I finally found it in Fresno, California. I got Sweet Pea and I absolutely love it. Thank you for posting about it because I never would have known about it otherwise.


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