Essentials to Put in Your Beauty Bag for Rainy Days

Needless to say, rainy weather can make getting ready and being fashionable for the day a bit more challenging. It often just makes you want to put your hair up and not wear any makeup because the humidity is a pain and of course, it can easily mess up your hair. After spending some time on your hair and makeup, this is not exactly ideal to step out into. However, if you must venture out on a rainy day and do want to still have your make-up and hair done, here are some essentials to take with you and keep your hair and makeup on point. 

Essential beauty items for a rainy day

The items you bring with you are just as important as the bag that you keep your items in. You want a rainproof bag to be able to withstand the weather and luckily that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Leather bags, such as the high-quality handmade leather bags from Mirta for example, are a great option and are as stylish as they are practical. These types of a bags will be extra resistant in the rain and provide great protection for your goodies inside!

Makeup primer is key

After your skincare routine and before starting your makeup routine, makeup primer is key. This will help your makeup last longer and look great throughout the day, rather than slipping around when getting wet. 

Stick to a simple look and embrace the dewy look

Essentials to Put in Your Beauty Bag for Rainy Days

A rainy day is not the day to bring out your most glamorous makeup look. Instead, stick to a simple look and embrace the dewy look rather than aiming for a matte look. That way you can embrace the elements and if anything does slide around or you need to do any touchups, it’s easier to do so.  

Setting spray

Setting spray is the final step of your routine to lock in your makeup look. A finishing powder and then a setting spray is the ultimate power duo and will help the longevity of your makeup look. You can reapply throughout the day with a couple spritzes and keep the product in a tiny spray bottle so it doesn’t take up too much space in your bag.

Waterproof eyeliner and mascara

A rainy day is certainly the day to use your waterproof eyeliner and mascara! Even when wearing a hood or using an umbrella, it is still inevitable that you will catch some rain and you want to avoid the racoon look by making sure you use the right products.

Don’t be afraid to go nuts with no-frizz products and hair oils

Essentials to Put in Your Beauty Bag for Rainy Days

Hair that faces humidity and rain can go frizzy for many people, so having hair products with you that can help tame your hair throughout the day can make all the difference. A mini no-frizz product as well as a hair oil are worth carrying so you can touch your hair up throughout the day as needed. When all else fails, you can pull it back in a sleek updo.

With these tips, hopefully you will resist the urge to feel defeated or be lazy when it comes to your beauty routine and keep your makeup and hair perfectly on point, in a chic beauty bag.