Choosing the Best Tightline Eyeliner for You: Top Products to Choose From

Owning one of the best tightline eyeliner is a woman's privilege. So, read throughout this article to find out the top-notch products to choose from. 

If you don’t want to make it obvious that you are wearing eyeliner, then you should consider the technique called tightlining. It helps define the lash line and makes the eyes brighter. But, if not done properly, it might harm the eyes. So, finding the best tightline eyeliner is a must to avoid something wrong to happen. 

Some of the top products you can choose from are as follow:

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Reviews of the Best Tightline Eyeliner

In order to weigh whether which product seems to be the right one for you, there’s a need for you to dig deeper into a certain product. So, here’s a review of the top products when it comes to tightline eyeliner:

Here are the reviews of the products:

Most girls prefer a smoky look, and if you are one of them, then you should not have second thoughts about buying this product. It acts as a pencil wherein you could draw a beautiful rim over the waterlines. In fact, this product is particularly formulated to last for about 24 hours. 

Plus, this eyeliner is also available in a creamy gel state. It is also safe and a suitable liner for almost every type of eye. Why? Well, because it is allergy tested and also 100% environment-friendly. It provides ten highly saturated shades of selections for you to enjoy a smooth finish. And finally, the product is tear-resistant and highly-waterproof.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • long-lasting
  • safe and compatible to your eyes
  • provides smooth finish
  • waterproof and tear-resistant
  • free from allergy reactions and environment-friendly

This is another great option for people with large pores and also those with slightly mature skin. It could blend with your blush perfectly and gives a glow to one’s cheeks too.

The said primer reduces the red spots and freckles as it majorly works on your pores and gives your face a uniform look. It also provides healthier look to your face. In addition, it offers the best sun protection. You’ll definitely like this primer. 

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  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • leaves black residue

For those who are looking for a creamy product which offers a wonderfully smooth glide once applied, this gel eyeliner is the right pick. It is perfect for creating a smokey, cat or winged eye looks. Also, it is waterproof and long-lasting letting you enjoy a stunning look for about 24 hours. 

You can also enjoy its intense color from highly concentrated pigments so making it great for those who want a bold look. And also, this product is smudge-free and waterproof as well.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Ends up a little patchy/streaky
  • Darker than anticipated

Another great option if you are into tightlining is this product. It is tested and also approved by ophthalmologists and dermatologists. And it even works for those people who usually wear contact lenses. 

So, what can you expect from this product? Well, it is very easy to use and it features a high pigment formula that stays longer. Long-lasting color payoff is also guaranteed. Also, with this product, you could achieve a flawlessly defined look that won’t smudge or fade easily.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Expensive
  • Run quite a bit if your eyes tear before it dries

Ever experienced forgetting your makeup bag on a trip? If yes, then buying stuff on a local pharmacy might be your only option. But worry not, there is a great drugstore eyeliner for tightlining. This product is also available at your nearby pharmacy. 

This one is one of the best options and is sold at a lower price. It offers a mineral-rich formula which offers a long-wearing finish. The product is soft and creamy and is very ideal for blending. It won’t smear or even smudge at all. 

The product also comes with a sharpener to offer you a tangled tip for smooth and easy blending.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Vitamin C for a nourishing and soothing blend
  • High pigment quality which stays longer
  • Comes with a sharpener
  • Smear-free and smudge-free
  • Effortless and smooth tightlining

Which Type of Eyeliner Should You Use?

Not all eyeliners could be used for tightlining, especially if you are a beginner in doing the technique, and so not all could work best for you. In that case, you should know the different types of eyeliners, and find out which one you should really use

Pencil Eyeliner

This one is a great choice for those who blink a lot, particularly for beginners. However, this isn’t a great choice for those who want to create precise lines. They are softer than liquids or gels.

Liquid Eyeliner

Another type to consider is a liquid eyeliner which is good for those who are looking for a slick and bold look. Liquid eyeliner is great for creating precise lines, but there’s a need for you to have steady hands and a lot of patience too. 

It is also a good choice when doing the flick. It offers good staying power. Once used in tightlining, avoid blinking until it set.


Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner is known to be perfect for those who want a smokey eye. It offers good staying power, but it could be smudged easily. However, it is perfect for water lining and tightlining rendering precise lines. And once applied, it provides a matte finish and superb pigmentation as well.

Powder Eyeliner

And this one isn’t that pigmented and might not have a superb staying power. You can go for this one if you are looking for a soft and smudgy look. And this is great for those who want to use endless color possibilities and perfect for daytime.

What Formula to Choose for Tightlining?

Now, if you want to have the best eyeliner for tightlining, there is a need for you to choose the right formula. Here’s what you need to know:

  • For longer-staying power, go for waterproof eyeliner. Indeed, it is great for tightlining because you’ll be dealing with the part of your eye which waters easily. 

  • If you want to wear your eyeliner the whole day without having to worry about running, smudges and creases then smudge-resistant eyeliners are great choice. Both gel and liquid eyeliners are the best options. 

  • And also, look for eyeliners that are designed for sensitive eyes, particularly if you have one. Go for pencil eyeliners which comprise pigments in a wax and oil base.


So, is tightlining for everyone?

Well, generally speaking, anyone could use the said technique once care is taken not to harm the eyes. As much as possible, it is important to avoid this technique for those with sensitive eyes, watery eyes, and vision issues as well.

How to tightline your eyes?

Here’s the procedure on how you can properly tightline your eyes:

Step 1: You can use your finger to lift up your eyelid so you could see the base of the top lash line. That is where you are going to deposit the pigment. 

For a tip, it would be a great help if you position the mirror so you are looking down slightly once applying the eyeliner. 

Step 2: Press the pencil directly on the waterline. With the use of short strokes, you wiggle it back and forth to really work the product into the underside of the lash line. There’s a need for the finished look to leave no gaps in between the liner and the lashes. 

For a more defined lower lash line, you could use the same technique on the bottom waterline. And avoid tugging at the delicate skin under the eyes once tightlining. 

Or you could watch this video for a tutorial:


Final Thoughts

If you’re really fun of tightlining, then you really need to choose the right product to make the technique effective and harmless too. From the products reviewed above, I would highly recommend the use of COVERGIRL Perfect Blend Eyeliner Pencil as this one can indeed answer your needs. No doubt, you’ll surely achieve the look that you want for your eyes. 

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