Top Of Best Korean Cleansing Balm And Oil For Your Day-end

You may not use serum or toner in your daily skin routine, but cleanser, which plays a vital role in having healthy skin, is a must-step that you cannot skip for your day-end.

For those who are makeup lovers, cleansing balm, or cleansing oil should be available on the skincare shelf. Not only remove all stubborn makeup like waterproof mascara, foundation, they also leave a smooth and soft skin after using.

Today, I would like to talk about some fantastic Korean products that are appreciated by most beauty bloggers. Scroll down to find the top of the best Korean cleansing balm and oil then pick the right choice for you!

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Detail Review Of Best Korean Cleansing Balm And Oil

Let’s dive into these products to find out which one is the best!

This was the first cleansing balm that made me switch from cleansing water to balm. If you tend to wear heavy makeup every day in your sensitive skin, Heimish All Clean Balm is a perfect choice without drying out or irritating your skin. Though there are not any harsh ingredients in the component, the product can super gently dissolve makeup.

Heimish All Clean Balm

Thanks to the natural extracts from citrus herb oil, Shea butter, and coconut, you will feel your skin soothe, moisturize and soften right after rinsing your face. Besides, Heimish cleansing balm nourishes skin with antioxidants in botanical ingredients. It can even promote collagen production with Rose and Lavender extracts, and reduce blemishes with Tea trees.

Just under 20$ for a vast tub 120ml and all benefits it can bring to your skin, this Korean balm is fantastic value for money, isn’t it?

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Natural extracts
  • Nice packaging
  • Do not clog pores

If you are a fan of cosmetics, Clean It Zero is not an unfamiliar name. According to Glamour, Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm is sold every three seconds, how can it be so popular?

The product has a comprehensive ingredient list with antioxidants galore and free of parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, and other harsh irritants. Its formulation Antioxidants galore containing Vitamin C in papaya extract and Vitamin A in a cherry extract that fight against the radicals of aging.

Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm scaled

There are four versions of Clean It Zero bringing specific choices for all skin types: Nourishing for dry skin with deep moisture, Purifying with seven natural ingredients or sensitive skin, Revitalizing for oily skin, and Original for all skin types. All of them can remove the most stubborn makeup, even waterproof products easily and quickly.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Multiple choices
  • Deep cleansing
  • Mild fragrance
  • Spatula provided
  • Reformulation based on public sentiment

Do you think that oily skin cannot use an oil-based cleanser? This cleanser will make you feel backward. The most essential for oily skin is the balance in its oil levels that Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil can do.

See how!

Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

Not only a cleansing oil, but this Klairs product is also a combination of black grains: black bean, black sesame, and black currant seed oil that gently nourish your skin. While the black bean has sebum control ability, black sesame extracts can keep your skin hydrated all day, and black seed oil prevents moisture evaporation from the skin.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Friendly to sensitive skin
  • Refreshing scent
  • Provided a clip for the pump
  •  Affordable

If you are a lazy girl and fed up with the “double cleanse” as Korean style, Mamonde Rose Petal Spa Oil to Foam is born for you. It simplifies cleansing steps in a single formulation transforming oil to foam after applying water.

616umvyjpTL. SL1000

Since that creamy foam has soapberry extract, a natural surfactant that can sweep out sunscreen and foundation without dehydrating skin, you don’t need to use any other cleansers after. How convenient it is!

With the Damask rose oil added in the ingredient list, Mamonde Rose Petal Spa brings you a relaxing spa experience with awesome natural scent, nourishment, and skin-calming effects.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Quick cleansing
  • Unique formula
  • Super gentle formula
  • Purify delicate skin
  • Natural flower extracts

Black sugar is a prominent ingredient and always in the top best seller of the SKINFOOD’ products, especially masks and serums. Another popular sample of this line is SKINFOOD Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil - a cleanser for oily skin. 

SKINFOOD Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil

Besides the organic black sugar, this cleansing oil is extracted from natural ingredients such as botanicals and refined rice wine. The enriched minerals and vitamins leave your skin nourished and smooth after the first time using. 

The product is also appreciated by its effective cleansing in the waterproof foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. 

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Nourished formula
  • Organic extracts
  • Deep cleansing
  • Small sugar scrubs

The Differences Between Cleansing Oil And Cleansing Balm

So, are you considering balm or oil is better? Well, let’s find out the typical differences between a cleansing oil and cleansing balm to choose the suitable one for you.

best Korean cleansing balm

About texture and packaging, the cleansing balm is a solid wax-textured cleanser with a butter-like consistency and usually comes in tubs while cleansing oil is liquid and manufactured in pump-style bottles. 

I cannot say which one is better since they all have pros and cons of each product. It depends on your daily needs and personal interests. 

best Korean cleansing balm

I have tried both cleansing oil and cleansing balm, and now as a lot of makeup is on my face every day, I prefer the balm than oil. But for some people who don’t have time (like my friend, she’s busy with her kids all the time), the cleansing oil is a better choice.

​You Might Prefer Cleansing Balm. Why?

​Completely Cleansing

As mentioned above, the cleansing balm tends to remove stubborn makeup, especially waterproof eye makeup products that cannot be dissolved by some cleansing oil.

​Convenient Packaging

best Korean cleansing balm

This is a second reason I love cleansing balm, the tubs are less messy than the pump bottles. I’m a traveling lover, and it is a headache to think about how to pack a cleansing oil in my suitcase. With a cleansing balm, this problem is solved out, just tightly close the lid and throw it in your backpack. Its compact design also helps your makeup table tidier.

Relaxing Experience

Another aspect of cleansing balm that you might consider is the relaxing and therapeutic feeling it brings. Oil is quite slippery, and if it’s not thick enough to stay on your skin, you have to rub as quickly as possible before it drips down. For a dry-hand person, this is not a pleasant experience.

best Korean cleansing balm

Here are some tips on how to use the cleansing balm and oil:

Final Thoughts

Double cleansing takes time, but it plays an important role in helping your skin healthy. To be honest, it’s challenging to say which one is better, cleansing oil or cleansing balm. Choosing a suitable skincare product is not easy, and sometimes, you should try a few different samples to find what can suit your skin.

heimish all clean balm 1

I hope that my top of the best Korean cleansing balm and oil can help you pick the right choice without wasting too much time.

It also takes three months for me to find my favorite one - Heimish All Clean Balm, which not only suits my sensitive skin but also sweeps out all of my heavy makeup after a long day wearing it. Neither eye irritation nor red spots appear on my face when using this balm. Perfect!

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