Best Eyeliner For Eyelash Extensions

Having Eyelash Extension? It’S Time To Choose You A Perfect Eyeliner!

Being gorgeously beautiful in just one glance, it is like a dream come true to have your eyelash extended. For that reason, you wouldn’t want your eyeliner to ruin the whole thing. Here’s the list of top 5  best eyeliner for eyelash extensions that will take your beauty to the next level.

Here are some of our suggestions of best eyeliner for eyelash extensions:

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Detail Review Of The Best Eyeliner For Eyelash Extensions

Let’s dive into these products to find out which one is the best eyeliner for lash extensions!
bareMinerals Lash Domination Ink Liner 0.02 Fluid Ounce

If liquid eyeliner is your number one eyeliner choice, this product will be your new hype. Its ink texture contains a well-pigmented liquid that comes off really easily through a nice fine tip to make sure you achieve that precise wing liner. 

This eyeliner also benefits the eyelash extensions in a delightful way. The ink goes off softly and accurately on your lashes without affecting them thanks to its non-oil-based ingredients. 

Feel confident to stay out all day smudging-free with this long-lasting eyeliner. However, you will find no difficulty to remove it at the end of the day, leaving your lashes stabilizing and glowing.
  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • The tip produces bubbles which clogged easily
Highliner Gel Crayon Marc Jacobs Beauty 0.1 Oz Blacquer Black

Get yourself comfortable using this gel-crayon eyeliner from Marc Jacobs! Even if you are a makeup apprentice or professional, this product will enchant you with its super pigment texture varied in 12 shades and its longevity on your extended eyelash.

It is fairly effortless to work with this eyeliner as it contains a “crayon-pencil” tip that flows smoothly on your lashes while creating excellent liner that pops out your eyes. 

Being one of the best eyeliner for eyelash extensions with decent staying power confirmed, this eyeliner is truly a friend to eyelash extensions indeed!

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • The gel can dry out very fast
  • Low precision in wing-liner
  • Bulky packaging (sharpener included)
Kat Von D Ink Liner Trooper Ultra Black

This eyeliner from Kat Von D can change your subscription of liquid eyeliner! This hype is most well-known for its precise yet adjustable tip that can pull off any kind of liner you wish for. It produces smooth pigmented ink that won’t smudge or budge throughout the day.

Your extended lashes will surely love this eyeliner as the fine tip felt point makes the liner impossible to interfere with getting ink or pressure on your lashes. The liner stays on all day so you can rock all the time.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Fairly expensive
  • Insufficient amount of ink
Soap Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen Carbon Black

This Soap and Glory eyeliner is ensured to give you and your extended lashes a rich yet intense liner. You can be either natural with smooth fine liner or fierce with powerful and thick edges as the product is claimed to be made with a high percentage of carbon black for intense color release.

The soft fine tip of this eyeliner makes it super easy for beginners to apply while at the same time, delicately protects your eyelash extensions. Certainly one of the best eyeliner for eyelash extensions!

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Dry out easily once applied
  • Hard to remove afterward
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner Espresso Ink 07 0.1oz 3g

The only carefully chosen gel eyeliner on the list is certified to satisfy you and your eyelash extensions due to its ability to pull off any kind of liner without irritating your lashes. Its longevity and pigmentation during the day are truly worth the hype.

Bobbi Brown products have always been on the list of perfect products and its eyeliner is not an exception. No fading or running ink, being completely waterproof and long-lasting, this eyeliner can serve you months without quality degrading!

Consider this as one of the choices for best eyeliner for eyelash extensions!

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Bulky packaging (brush included)
  • Low-precision liner

What Eyeliner Should Be Chosen For Eyelash Extension?

Are you worried about the inability to put on eyeliner once you have your lashes extended? Don’t let them prevent you from getting more beautiful with an eyeliner. However, to protect your new fluttery friends, you need an eyeliner that is certified safe for your lash extension.

You need to consider carefully which types of eyeliner should you use together with lash extension.

Best Eyeliner For Eyelash Extensions

Liquid Eyeliner: YES

The liquid formula of liquid eyeliner is clearly proved to be the most friendly and gentle friend to your extended lashes as you literally paint it on. 

Your lash won’t be heavily affected and disturbed when being sat down upon a gentle, lightweight liquid liner. 

Furthermore, removing liquid eyeliner is not too difficult and does not require any force that can sabotage your extended lashes. Just simply use micellar water or makeup removal oil to wipe away the liner excess. 

Best Eyeliner For Eyelash Extensions

Washable Eyeliner: YES

You will not want to be in the situation when your eyeliner won’t come off despite how hard you have rubbed your eyes with makeup removal. Choosing a non-washable eyeliner means that you are risking your extended eyelashes’ life. 

Eyelash extension can seriously be damaged by powerful actions toward eyes and if your eyeliner is being way too unnecessarily durable, your lashes can be in trouble.

Make sure to purchase an eyeliner that still can be long-lasting but be washable at the end of the day to give your lashes a relief.

Best Eyeliner For Eyelash Extensions

Pencil Eyeliner: NO

Pencil eyeliner can surely grant you a soft look, however, sometimes it requires such an amount of pressure to ensure you a perfect pigmented application.

In addition, oftentimes it requires you to really get in there at the root of the lashes and the tip of the pencil might simply be too firm and rough and dislodge the extensions and loosen the glue.

You might get pencil eyeliner getting all the way to the roots of the lashes, which turns out to be harmful to your extensions as the pencil tips being firm and rough can loosen up the glue and ruin your baby lashes.

For all those reasons above, you should give your pencil eyeliner a rest.

Best Eyeliner For Eyelash Extensions

Gel Eyeliner: NO

You might be surprised by this since gel eyeliner is anybody’s friend - so easy and smooth to apply.

You assume that gel eyeliner can do no harm to your eyelash extension but you might think twice before purchasing a new gel eyeliner once you’ve got extensions on.

The problem with gel eyeliner is that it usually contains a thick formula which makes it very long-lasting but on the other hand, very hard to remove afterward.

And as I have mentioned before, beware of what might happen to your extension when your eyeliner is too durable. Gel eyeliner takes a lot of scrubbing oil to be wiped and that is surely not the thing that your extended lashes would enjoy.

Best Eyeliner For Eyelash Extensions

Eyeliner that contains oils: ABSOLUTELY NO

Oil is the no. 1 enemy of lash extensions because it can damage the glue that the extension sits on. Finding a non-oil eyeliner is the most important factor you need to learn by heart whenever you decide to buy an eyeliner once you have your extension.

Best Eyeliner For Eyelash Extensions

How To Apply Eyeliner With Eyelash Extension?

Best Eyeliner For Eyelash Extensions

Tip 1: Choose what kind of your eyeliner you prefer

You would want a sharp, dramatic liner that would fierce anyone who comes close or you just want to enjoy a nice decent day with a gently friendly wing liner? Deciding what liner style you want from the start to get yourself ready for the first ink movement.

Tip 2: Start with the wing first

It can be really irritating if you start lining the inner corner first as your extension can block your vision and you can mess up easily with your eyeliner’s movement. Go outside and start off with your wing first to determine where your eyeliner has settled.

Best Eyeliner For Eyelash Extensions

Tip 3: Leave the line going down from the wing 

Slowly drag the liner down from the upward wing and move along into the inner corner, Fill in the blank and your wing is beautifully finished.

Tip: once you go into the inner corner, gently pull your lash extensions down so you can visualize your eyeliner’s movement.

Tip 4: Fixing your wing with concealer using a flat brush

Tap a small amount of concealer and gently use a flat brush to adjust your wing to be as sharp and keen as you want. And your flawless eyeliner is completed!

See how you can perfect your eyeliner with eyelash extension in this video: 

Final Thoughts

Having eyelash extensions can be super fun and worthy, so don’t ruin those fluttery friends by choosing the wrong eyeliner. You can have both pretty extended eyelashes and perfect eyeliner if you choose one of our top 5 best eyeliner for eyelash extensions.

Of all these five incredible eyeliners, I highly recommend you choose bareMinerals Lash Domination Ink Liner Eyeliner. With an affordable price, this eyeliner delivers all excellent features which is the best eyeliner for lash extensions.

Let us know what you think about our review about best eyeliner for eyelash extensions in the comments below!

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