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How to Choose the Best Eyelash Glue That Lasts for Weeks?

Finding the best eyelash glue that lasts for weeks could be a bit challenging for some. So, read throughout this article to be guided accordingly.

It is common for most women to wear false eyelashes as a way to enhance their looks. But, it could also be a main culprit that would cause you big embarrassment. Why? Well, once installed incorrectly, fall-outs will always happen. That’s why to avoid such thing, choosing the best eyelash glue that lasts for weeks must be considered. You’ll love the fact that fall-out is never an issue at all!

For quick glance of the products that you can choose from, here’s a product comparison table:

Reviews of the Best Eyelash Glue That Lasts for Weeks

To know more about these products, consider the following reviews:

For the one to sit on top, it’s wise to put one of the best brands out in the market today. This one is an adhesive that offers a very stronghold, which is both sweat and waterproof. So, it is not weak once exposed to water. 

It blends well with the dark eyeliners delivering perfect results by avoiding it from being too conspicuous for other people. Also, it is hypoallergenic so you’ll not have to worry about any allergic reactions. It is definitely safe to use on your eyes and also to your skin because it is free from formaldehyde and latex.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • A bit hard to remove
  • Hard to control liquid formula

When looking for a semi-permanent eyelash glue, this one is the right choice. A glue needle is included and this ensures that moisture and air couldn’t leak through so you’ll definitely be guaranteed that it would last longer. 

This adhesive is premium quality along with extra care formula. So, it wouldn’t heighten the risk of allergy, irritation, odor or fumes. This is also ideal for those with sensitive skin. It’s perfect for classic and volume lashing wherein it could definitely last for numbers of weeks. It renders a strong retention so it is advised for professional use only

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • A bit expensive

Another great option to consider is this eyelash extension glue which comes in a 5ml bottle but could last for almost seven weeks. It has a maximum bonding as well as retention power so that you’ll never be frustrated by fallouts. 

Besides, it offers a fast drying time of just a second or two making it a perfect choice for use by many stylists who have to deal with a lot of customers every day. It can also work well even if used in high humidity. 

It also comes in a perfectly sealed package along with a silica gel so it doesn’t allow any air or moisture in to make it last longer. The said glue also has a red needle for preserving the freshness before it is opened so it could last for almost a couple of months. 

Safe to use, and it wouldn’t result in any severe side effects as it is free from either latex or formaldehyde.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Not perfect for those with sensitive eyes

This one is particularly designed for classic and volume lashes. It has fumes so not totally recommended to those with sensitive eyes. 

This adhesive boasts a fast dry time for about 3 to 4 seconds only. It renders an ultra-strong bonding power along with lash extensions that last up to four to six weeks. It also comes in a sealed package having silica gel to prevent the moisture and oxygen out. 

There is also a red needle inside to preserve its freshness allowing the glue to lasts for almost two months. The glue is also formaldehyde and latex-free so it is definitely safe to use.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Not suitable for sensitive eyes

For a strong eyelash glue that is also a gentle and fragrance-free formula, this one could be your best choice as it also offers a secure hold ensuring a reliable and long-lasting grip for false eyelashes. It is indeed safe to use because it is free from sulfate, parabens, cruelty, and gluten. 

It goes on white and also dries clear to make sure that it isn’t conspicuous that others might notice it. Also, it is free from the clump, mess or residue making it highly convenient to use. Along with an applicator, the fast application process is guaranteed. This glue dries fast helping you save a lot of time.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • A bit watery
  • The glue tends to run out a bit fast

How to Choose the Best One? Factors to Ponder

From having an idea of the best products that you can choose from the market today, it is also important that you have a better knowledge of the factors to consider when buying an eyelash glue. So, read on the following:

Drying Time

You should consider how long with such glue take before it dries. Products differ in their consistency and of course, you should pick the one that favors you. Opt for a thinner one if you want it to dry fast instead of a thicker glue that might require quite some time to dry.


Colors of eyelash glues come in two colors, either black or clear. It could be a matter of personal choice, but black glue could work well with individuals having dark complexions or if there’s a need to add a dark accent on the eyes. 

On the contrary, a clear glue matches with those pale-skinned people and those who don’t want the glue to be noticed. So, make sure to choose the one based on your preference.


You might want a waterproof glue if you are a person who usually gets contact with water like you go swimming or to certain gym activities. Make sure that you get a waterproof glue if you want your eyelashes to be intact even after getting in contact with sweat or water.

Sensitive Eyes

Always find the right glue with ingredients that are safe to avoid you from any unwanted irritation. It should be free from ingredients like formaldehyde, latex and more since these could damage sensitive eyes. Consider a hypoallergenic glue instead.


You should consider how long would the glue last and stay fresh on the shelf after opening. Indeed, a good option must have a reasonable shelf life of almost eight months and it should maintain its freshness or characteristics after opening for about 4 months. 

Hence, it should have clear directions regarding the right environment on whether where to store it.

Watch this video for tips on how to properly store eyelash glues:

Final Thoughts

There you have it! You can now easily choose which product best suits you from the reviews and the guide provided above. For me, the KISS i Envy Super Strong Hold Eyelash Adhesive seems to be the top choice for it has the features we are all looking for and it could definitely last for more than weeks too. 

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Choosing The Best Eyelash Glue for Sensitive Eyes: Here’s What You Need to Know

In this post, find out which is the best eyelash glue for sensitive eyes so that you’ll be able to avoid any harmful effects on your eyes. So, read on!

Most women would love having long and thick eyelashes for a whole, stunning look. And so, false eyelashes have been used by many these days. They look perfectly natural and they hold on well too. You wouldn’t have to worry about any effect since most of them are safe and harmless. And that is also because of the best eyelash glue for sensitive eyes that made the false eyelashes an excellent choice for many.

Try out some of the best products that will surely not cause any trouble to your eyes. Here’s a quick glance:

Reviews of the Best Eyelash Glue for Sensitive Eyes

If you have sensitive eyes, you might be too worried that you couldn’t even have the chance to use false eyelashes because some glues might be harsh to your eyes. Don’t worry because the only thing you need to do is to make sure that you have chosen the right eyelash glue for your sensitive eyes.

Here’s a review of the products you can choose from:

One of the most popular glues from Germany, this one is perfectly pretty to use. For beginners, it doesn’t have the strong smell of the glue and free from latex, making it gentle on the eyes. It’s being formulated with an aloe vera to offer the eyelids with a bit of nourishment at the same time holding the false eyelashes in place. 

It is a good option for easy to take off and long-lasting glue. Since it's pretty light, it also dries fast. This product comes with a thin brush applicator that ensures you don’t put too much. And also, it is waterproof.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Free from latex and a strong odor
  • Light and dries clear
  • Easy to apply because of the brush applicator

Indeed, KISS is a brand that is very popular in terms of eyelash adhesive. Another one is the second option that you can pick. You’ll get a 5-gram tube adhesive that is formaldehyde-free, latex-free and safe for all eyes and even eyelash types. It goes on black and it dries clear which blends seamlessly with the eyeliner. 

You only need to wait until 30 seconds for the glue to be tacky and apply the eyelashes. The eyelashes will definitely stay down and even at the corners. It could last for almost 12 hours and the applicator is a brush having bristles.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Not waterproof
  • The long time needed to completely dry

For another established and reliable brand, this one is a great pick. It is quick-drying and is waterproof as well. And also, it contains Vitamin C, A, and E that helps in ensuring the health of the eyes. It is also very easy to use wherein you don’t have to wait for it to get tacky. It changes from white to blue so you’ll exactly know when to apply on the lashes. It is decent to strong as well when it comes to staying power.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Difficult to remove

One of the best options to choose from is in the fourth spot. It is highly recommended because it’s not just simply long-lasting but it has no allergic reactions and is latex-free too. It comes in two variants which are clear and dark that equally apply well and are light enough. 

It is strong enough that it could last almost all day long even through tears and workouts. And in fact, it is very easy to be removed. It comes right off without taking your precious natural lashes.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Takes almost 10 minutes to get tacky

This is a latex-free glue intended for false eyelashes that is free from harmful chemicals. It is sulfate-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and BPA-free as well. The product is safe to use even with sensitive eyes and wouldn’t irritate even if some is left on and not removed with the use of makeup remover. When in tube, it’s blue in color, but it perfectly dries clear.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • Prone to clumping or becoming dried
  • Sticky residue

What to Consider in Buying Eyelash Glue for Sensitive Eyes?

There are, of course, a number of things that you should consider once buying for an eyelash glue which wouldn’t irritate your eyes. These are the following:

  • Parabens. These are associated with allergic response and you’ll discover them in other brands. So, better ensure that the glue you’ll buy doesn’t have the presence of parabens. 

  • Fragrance. Another extremely allergic component that you should definitely avoid is the fragrance. In fact, everybody should prevent it due to the unidentified as well as the uncontrolled origin and the number of compounds that jointly make up the chemical or even the natural active ingredient referred to like the scent. One of the said chemicals is carcinogenic and also hormone interrupting phthalates.

  • Long Lasting. The glue should have the ability to last long as it holds the eyelashes to your eyes. Most adhesives could hold lashes for almost sixteen hours or more. The application time as well includes the waterproofing capabilities. Once you become teary-eyed, you don’t want the lash glue to dissolve. 

  • Latex. This one is a common irritant and also an active ingredient that is discovered in numbers of water-resistant false eyelash glues and so this is not ideal for those with sensitive eyes. 

  • Short Glue Drying Time. The drying time is also considered as a factor. Longer times are a deterrent once waiting for the lash glue to dry during the application. You don’t want to wait longer for the glue to become tacky enough to use.

  • Odour and Colour. The colour of the glue matters since you want it to be visible enough to see on the skin. After it dries, it should seamlessly blend with the face and not be visible. The eyelash glue should not have an off-putting or strong smell. 

  • Easy Glue Removal. There is a need for the eyelash adhesive to be removed easily. Most brands would require the use of eye makeup remover, but others could be removed with facial soap and water. Also, removing the eyelash glue would also help the sensitive eyes, so none would remain on your skin.

  • Effective Stickiness. Both the stickiness and tackiness make the difference between lashes that would stay on and those that wouldn’t. There’s a waiting period after applying glue to the eyelid so the glue has a chance to be tacky or sticky to touch. Then, you’ll apply the eyelashes. Once the glue is too sticky, it might lead to a great mess. And if the glue isn’t sticky enough, the lash won’t stick. 

Take note of these factors before proceeding to use certain eyelash glue. 

For tips on how to safely apply an eyelash glue, watch this:

Final Thoughts

Buying the best eyelash glue for sensitive eyes requires comprehensive knowledge about the product so that you’ll not end up having irritated eyes. So, from the buying guide above and from the reviews, you’ll know which one suits you best. And for me, the top pick is the Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive Clear. It has the features that will surely prevent you from any harm to your eyes. 

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How to Pick the Best Eyeliner for Watery Eyes? Top Options To Choose From

This post will discuss almost all the important details that you should know when choosing the best eyeliner for watery eyes that’s why you need to continue reading!

One of the most issues that many women face nowadays is watery eyes. It has become hard to deal with especially when choosing eyeliners. In fact, it could affect self-esteem as well as the emotion of the women and could make someone feels too annoyed. Still, worry not, because there is something made just to address such an issue. Yes, you can definitely find the best eyeliner for watery eyes.

Here are the options that you can choose from:

Reviews of the Best Eyeliner for Watery Eyes

As promised, you don’t have to worry about having any eyeliner to use just because your eyes are watery. Here are the reviews of the products that you can definitely choose from:

To achieve a long-lasting impression with intensified color, you can definitely pick this one from Maybelline. This waterproof gel eyeliner instantly sets and easily glides om to provide intense color which lasts up to almost 24 hours.

Thanks to its highly concentrated pigments that are found in this gel eyeliner You can get your own bold liner looks and consequently intensify the makeup of your eye. Also, it boasts a smudge-proof and oil-free formula that is also dermatologist, ophthalmologist and allergy-tested.

This eyeliner is surely safe for those with sensitive eyes and wearers of contact lenses. It is also available in ten highly pigmented colors which range from blackish eyeliner to another classic blue eyeliner.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • ends up a little patchy if not using a proper brush
  • becomes less easy to apply when it dries out

This one is another great option as your long-lasting and waterproof eyeliner, very ideal for those with watery eyes. This eyeliner renders a decadent dose of budge-resistant color together with an easy-glide and creamy texture.

The product comes with a built-in sharpener and a smudge tip helping you to achieve the enduring, alluring and eye-mazing look. Simply pull out its sharpener in order to make an extremely fine tip. This eyeliner can help you customize the end result along with a dash of matching eyeshadow or even a touch of strategic smudging.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • waterproof
  • long-lasting
  • easy to apply

Looking forward to a long day ahead? Well, this one is the right eyeliner for you. This eyeliner definitely lasts well on watery eyes, oily lids and it even stays put through a red-eye flight. It has a fine felt tip that is perfect for precise application. Unlike other liners, this one could also be used to make thicker and more dramatic shapes if you want to.

Also, this eyeliner smoothly glides on and you can choose from 11 various colors. This includes vibrant green, deep blue, crisp white and more. Indeed, you’ll never run out of option if you pick this product.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • easy to use and apply
  • different colors available
  • long-lasting
  • fine felt tip for precise application

For a rich and intense color that wears up to 16 hours, you simply choose this one. This eyeliner features long-wearing technology that effortlessly glides on and quickly sets for definition and drama. You can simply use the pencil to create a precise line or you have the option to use the built-in smudger for a smoky and softer look.

Also, you can freshen the point of the eyeliner at any time as it features a pull-out sharpener. This product is tested by ophthalmologists to be safe for sensitive eyes, non-irritating and perfect for contact lens wearers. Plus, this product offers a variety of shades that you can choose from. 

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • smudges fairly easily

Having an intense color pay-off, this item is best for creating a more dramatic liner look that you’ll surely love. Being cushiony and ultra-smooth, it is still sweat-, heat- and smudge-proof. It is also tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologist so you don’t need to worry about irritation on your skin or eyes, even for those with watery and sensitive eyes.

This product is available in five neutral hues. You can use the nude shade to line the inner waterline that would instantly brighten the entire eye area and would make you look wide awake.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • the tip tends to keep falling out so sharpening, again and again, is needed

What are Watery Eyes?

Simply defined as tearing, a watering eye or epiphora is considered as a state of the eyes which tear excessively or persistently onto the face and normally there is no clear explanation that could be found. Well, too many tears might make it hard to maintain a clear vision.

And one of the functions of our eyes is to produce tears. And these tears play a big role in order to keep the eyes healthy. It just not nurtures the surface of the eyes but also it washes away all the debris and they are supposed to maintain the front surface of the eyes healthier.

This condition, epiphora, could grow at any age. But, it is likely to develop at over 60 years old citizens and also under 12-month old individuals. One or either both eyes could be affected. And in case you have such a case, you should also be looking for the right eyeliner to use. 

Causes of Watery Eyes

Of course, you must also know the reasons why you might be experiencing watery eyes that hinders you from using an eyeliner. Watery eyes could be because of the following conditions or factors:

  • common cold
  • allergies
  • blocked tear duct
  • eyelid inflammation
  • tear duct infection
  • trachoma
  • pink eye or conjunctivitis

And according to these causes, you might not have to check with a doctor just to treat watery eyes. You could easily take self-care measures at home in order to clean up the debris in your eyes. With such, you can still use an eyeliner that suits the kind of eyes you have.

Tips for Watery Eyes

If you belong to those with watery eyes, applying makeup, particularly applying eyeliner, seems to be a hard thing. To help you with such matter, here are some tips to consider:

Before applying makeup, you can use eye drops. However, make sure that you choose a drop having no preservatives and that is not targeted to redness. 

Make sure that the brushes are clean and the product you are to use is not expired. 

Using hypoallergenic products is highly recommended. If you believe that your eyes become watery because of an allergic reaction to a product, then look for a hypoallergenic eyeliner. 

You should avoid lining the lower lashes and waterline as it could worsen the situation. But finding the best waterline eyeliner for watery eyes could definitely help. 

Always keep tissues handy and avoid powder under your eyes. Simply wipe your tears once it falls down during a process of putting makeup.

Simply follow these tips to at least ease your worries about watery eyes.

And for more tips on how to stop your eyes from watering when applying makeup or eyeliner, watch this:

Final Thoughts

From the options provided above, you have the freedom to choose which one suits you best. However, I would highly recommend the first product – Maybelline New York Makeup Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner. Why? Simply because it offers the right features that a watery eye individual definitely looks for the best eyeliner. 

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