How Do You Put Clip in Hair Extensions?


Clip-in hair extensions an easy and fickle alternative to add volume and length to your daily look. Experiment with different textures and colors, such as curls or highlights, enhance your hairstyle without damaging your hairstyle from heat and chemicals or harsh dyes. 

If your hair is sparse, it is best to extend the clip in hair extensions! Other extension types (including sewing and cable tie insertion) can damage your natural hair. When the hair is fine or thin, you should do everything possible to avoid damaging the natural hair. Plug-in extensions are fast and simple; you don’t even need a hairstylist to plug them in. Just remember to always apply the extension close to the back of your neck instead of the top of your head. Check out our list of the best extensions to give you beautiful hair!

Hair extension clips are a favorite for both budding experimenters and extension experts because of how easy they are to apply. With enough practice, you can apply hair extension clips at home in less than 15 minutes.budgetbeautyblog

How to use clip-in hair extension by yourself?

You can wear clip-on hair extensions occasionally or daily! That is, make sure you delete it before going to bed every night. Wearing clip-in hair extensions every day will increase the tension of the hair over time, but if you have proper care, ubiquitous hair extensions are everywhere for a few days, and properly used or removed, you should have no problems!

The clip-in hair extensions are easy to wear and require very little work because the weft yarn is already sewn with accessory clips and mini grabbing combs. All you need to do to apply them is to cut off the natural hair, align the weft threads with the natural hair, and then press down to fix them.

*If you notice any changes in hair density or hair loss, please do not use clip in hair extensions.

The material you need:

You need the following material:

  • Clip-in hair extension
  • Squirrel comb
  • Big hairpin
  • Hair spray

Apply Remy Clip in Hair Extensions

This volumetric system is an excellent choice for everyday appearance. No complicated hairstyle is needed most days. Sometimes, you may just want to improve your natural hair quality quickly. No one will know you are wearing accessories. You look like you have the best day! After inserting this weft clip, make sure to hide the pressure-sensitive clip under your hair.

Please check your “safe zone”, which is the area in your hair where no clips will be found. For those with thin hair, your safe zone is likely to be level with your eyebrows. Once clamped, keep it straight or curl it. This is the perfect choice for what you always wanted!

Step 1

Start with tangle-free, dry and fresh hair. Use your comb or finger to cut off the thin layer of hair at the back of your head. Make sure the line is as straight and visible as possible. Clip up the entire hair in different sections.

Optional: Use hairspray and a fine-toothed comb to tease your hair and prevent it from slipping.
From a tangle teezer to a detangling brush, how to smooth hair easily

Step 2

Gently comb the Remy clip in hair extensions from tip to root with a soft comb. Then take the 3 clip-on wefts from the bun and make sure they fit into the cut section of your hair. Starting with a center clip, secure the extension evenly over the cut section of the hair as close to the roots as possible.

Step 3

Divide the second layer of hair and repeat the process. Take 4 clips for hair extensions in a bun and repeat. Remember to start at the middle clamp and work your way outward, keeping the weft tight enough to prevent bumps. Repeat with the second 4-weft clips.

Step 4

Now what’s left is your 4 small hair extension clips. Apply them to the sides of your hair to create volume and blend any layers. Apply the smallest strands closer to the hairline above the ear. Repeat on the other side. Use the leftovers and apply to all areas that need help. Comb your hair gently and make sure the clips are not visible. Here’s how to insert a hair clip into a hair extension!


How to make hair extensions look natural:

  1. Let the hair stylist choose hair extensions to match your hair color


If you are like most people, your hair will have its dynamic cut. In some cases, placing hair extensions may be a bit awkward.

Thankfully, the hairstylist will be able to trim the extensions in a way that blends perfectly with the hair.

This can help you get the extra volume, length, and body you need without worrying about looking like you are wearing hair extensions.


  1. Before putting in the hair extension, comb your hair


If you use a clip in your hair extension, the best way to hold it in place is to comb your hair backward.

Take a part of natural hair as a foundation to fix the hair extension. Use a fine-toothed comb to push the hair to the root. Perform this operation multiple times. This can provide a better foundation for the extended fragments.

Drooping hair extensions are not only uncomfortable, they can start to show up. By backcombing the roots, you can keep your hair safe throughout the day and make it look as natural as possible.


  1. Use high-quality human hair

If you want to wear hair extensions, this is a must! Cheap or fake hair extensions seem to be a bargain. They don’t become hairy and curled until the first time you wash them. The hair extensions you have don’t match your hair quality at all! When it comes to hair extensions, buy high-quality hair, which will save you a lot of money. how is it? You don’t need to change hair extensions frequently because they are real human hair and can be shampooed and styled like washing your hair. If you want hair extensions to look real, you must get the best human hair extensions on the market. Even if they cost a bit more, investing in high-quality hair will make your hair extensions look more real, and you don’t need to worry about whether they will become dull or curled after a few washes! If you want extensions to look real, get the best quality extensions from there so you can be confident that they will continue to exist!


4.Get color matching


Generally, when using hair extensions, your hair color can be darkened or lightened by 2-3 shades, and the extensions will blend and look natural. However, if you have a unique color or you are buying hair extensions online, then you will need the correct color combination. You did not match the extension with the root but matched it with your purpose. Most will use 1-3 colors to get a perfect color fusion. If the extension color does not match, it is usually a bequest from wearing the extension. If you want these extensions to look real and you want to buy hair online, be sure to get a free color scheme before buying. You must use the correct color when wearing accessories. Please also note that if you do not have the gorgeous and unique hair color provided by the hair extension company, it is always best to buy the lightest #60 blonde and color it to match your hair. If you have unique colors, this is the best way to make hair extensions look more real. Coloring the extension is very easy, just use a safe color shampoo to lock the color.


  1. Use several different extension lengths


Those with shoulder-length hair are those who don’t wear extensions but effortlessly make them look real. why? Because they need a hair and a little bit of hair to strengthen their hair. However, if you have layered or long hair, you may need two different hair lengths. One longer length can make you look longer, while another shorter extension length can blend with your layers. Using two lengths is a good way to make hair extensions look real and match your natural layers.

Don’t worry about getting your real hair clips in extension perfect on the first try. Remember that clips in hair extensions are temporary use, so you can unbuckle them and try again as many times as necessary to get the right look. Now that you know all about hair extensions, you can start experimenting with braids, hair clips, or any of our high-quality hair extension products.

Some clip ins hair includes hair wefts of different sizes, ranging from one to four clips. Attachment can be traced back decades, especially in the fashion industry. For women, they like long, thick hair without stress, and women who need to work for a long time or empty their wallets, they are the ideal solution. Clip-in hair extensions can make you feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful. 

3 Causes & Solutions for Common Aging Skin Problems

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As we age, we become better negotiators, acquire enhanced social skills, and we grow more confident in ourselves, research from the University of Michigan has found. Though those self doubts of our youth fade away, unfortunately so does that youthful glow our skin once had. The skin is a complex organ, and like internal organs, it changes with age. Skin becomes thinner, losing its plumpness, and the coloring grows uneven. It loses elasticity and minor cuts, scratches, and bumps can take longer to heal. But even with aging skin, there are methods to make it feel and look younger. So for those who want the benefits of aging without the aged skin, here are three insights into what happens to skin over time paired with solutions to help start correcting the signs of aging now.


One very common symptom of aging skin is dryness. As we grow older, the stratum corneum, our outer-most layer of skin, experiences water loss. This phenomena makes the epidermis flake and crack, creating patches of dry skin that can itch or burn. The symptom can be exacerbated by using detergents with irritating ingredients or alkaline soaps that can injure the barrier of the skin. 

A miracle solution for dryness due to aging is hyaluronic acid, an acid that occurs naturally in our bodies that we can now supplement. The hyaluronic acid skin benefits according to dermatologists are numerous, but particularly help with moisturizing skin to correct dryness and help provide a natural glow.

Dark Spots

A solid complexion of a single shade is so often taken for granted in youth and it's not until the late 30s and early 40s that some unwelcome inconsistencies make themselves known. These dark spots on the face can have multiple origins but the number one offender is usually the sun. The aging skin pays the price for the sun worshipping we did in our youth as sunlight exposure leads to wrinkles, dryness, and most certainly age spots, which prove nearly impossible to cover up with makeup. 

An all-natural solution to taming those bold spots can be found in your own spice rack: turmeric. Mix together one teaspoon of turmeric and two tablespoons of flour with two tablespoons of rice water into a brightly colored paste and dab it onto any dark spots visible on your face and neck. Rinse it off with room temperature water after 20 minutes and see results in as little as a week. With any at-home home remedy, it's imperative to start out tentatively. Test your skin sensitivity with a small amount of paste on your wrist for 10 minutes first, then proceed if no reaction is noted. If any discomfort or burning is experienced at all, rinse the mixture off immediately with tepid water.


The grandad of symptoms, wrinkles are the most prevalent and most stubborn signs of the aging of the skin. Wrinkles come about for several reasons: genetics, sun exposure, smoking, and a decrease in the production of the skin's natural oils, to name a few. Additionally, as the years add up, the deeper layers of the skin begin to lose fat resulting in the sagging of the skin and crevices that become wrinkles. 

When growing old brings out the wrinkles, you need to bring out the big guns (or as big as the guns get before declaring nuclear war on aging and going "under the knife") with laser resurfacing. Through this process, lasers are used to stimulate the collagen production of the skin, which results in the skin growing plumper. The results are said to be immediate. Though it has minimal risk and it is not technically a surgery, it is still a procedure, so have a discussion with your doctor about the frequency and number of treatments you'll need, and inquire about specific risks and recovery time.

Growing old isn't all bad, but if you want to have impeccable social skills and maintain more youthful skin, then start implementing these solutions into your own skincare routines today. Whether you counter dry skin by using hyaluronic acid, battle dark spots by making a turmeric face mask, or combat wrinkles by seeking out laser resurfacing from your doctor, a little knowledge and ingenuity can help correct a lot of the damage that aging has doled out to your skin.

Choosing the Right Beauty Salon in Chicago

When it comes to pampering and beautifying yourself, sometimes you may need a helping hand from a professional. Whether you are just looking for a boost or whether you have a special occasion coming up, a beauty salon can help you to enjoy the perfect results when it comes to the way you look and feel. Of course, you need to ensure you find the right beauty salon in order to ensure you get the perfect look.

There are lots of beauty salons with staff that have attended various cosmetology schools in Chicago, so finding the right one shouldn’t be a problem. There are a few key factors you need to keep in mind when you are looking for a suitable beauty salon and doing this will help to ensure you make the right choice. In this article, we will look at some tips to help you choose the right beauty salon in Chicago.


Main Points You Need to Consider

There are various key points you need to consider if you want to ensure you find the right beauty salon in Chicago. Some of the main ones are:

The Location of the Salon

One of the things you may want to consider is the location of the salon, as you want to ensure you can get there with ease and convenience. If you do not drive, this is particularly important as you do not want to miss your appointment or spend lots of time travelling on public transport in order to get to your appointments. So, consider the location and whether you can get there and back relatively easily.

The Services Offered

Of course, you need to ensure you look at the services that are offered by the salon to ensure they can cater to your specific needs. Naturally, you need to work out what services and treatments you want before you start searching, as you can then ensure you find a salon that offers all the services you need.

Prices for Treatments and Services

It is important to ensure you do not go over your allocated budget when it comes to getting beauty treatments and services. So, with this in mind, make sure you consider the cost of treatments and services when choosing a beauty salon in Chicago. Costs can vary based on the type of treatment as well as the salon you choose. While looking at cost is important, make sure you also consider the other main points when making your decision.

Reviews from Others

One of the other factors you should look at is what other people think of the salon and its services. By looking at online reviews from past customers, you can get a better idea of what the service was like, the quality of the treatments, the results achieved, and the overall experiences of others who have already used the salon.

Looking at all these factors will make it easier for you to find the perfect salon for your needs.