The Best Primer for Large Pores: Comprehensive Review and Buying Guide

Looking for the best primer for large pores? If yes, then this article will cover everything that you want to know. Keep reading!

More often than not, primer is known as a transparent cream and is supposed to have a moisturizing impact on your skin. Primers are applied after washing your face and moisturizer and before you put on makeup. In fact, primer gained a lot of popularity and is becoming one of the important products included in the makeup routine. Even you have large pores, worry not since you can get the best primer for large pores.

Here are the top products that you can choose from:

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Reviews of the Best Primer for Large Pores

Here are the reviews of the products:

For the top spot, this Touch in Sol Primer offers a silky smooth consistency which is very pleasant on your skin. It also utilizes a pore cover complex in order to sit atop the pores and smooth them out completely.

Also, this primer offers a pinkish coloration and should blend in with almost certain complexions. For those with oilier skin, the said product has a sebum catching powder that would help keep the face from looking too dewy. 

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • tends to have a little of a scent
  • some could experience break outs

This is another great option for people with large pores and also those with slightly mature skin. It could blend with your blush perfectly and gives a glow to one’s cheeks too.

The said primer reduces the red spots and freckles as it majorly works on your pores and gives your face a uniform look. It also provides healthier look to your face. In addition, it offers the best sun protection. You’ll definitely like this primer. 

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • thick consistency
  • might expires even before the expiry date

This third choice is an advanced formula that works superb on the skin. It doesn’t just soften the skin but diminishes all the large skin pores as well as dark spots too. Using this regularly means you’ll see all the wrinkles and fine lines get blurred due to its light diffusing technology. And because of the silica beans presence, it could soak the excess oil from the skin and offer you an even skin tone.

Besides, you’ll definitely get an instant radiant look along with a younger glow by using this primer. There is also an assurance of constant moistening level being maintained in the skin because of the plant extract and hyaluronic acid blend in it. 

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • drying out of skin for some users

One of the most iconic and popular makeup brands is Maybelline and this option could work well in terms of covering large pores. It uses a silicone-based solution in order to help prepare the skin for the foundation.

It perfectly evens your skin texture even by just a thin layer of the product which offers startling results. Definitely, you’ll love using this primer for your large pores.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • might take a bit longer to dry

And this last pick on the list is useful since it is designed to be handy so you can refresh once needed. With that, you wouldn’t need to refresh as always since this product could stay on your face longer. It is silicone-based but it doesn’t feel too tacky once applied on your face.

Also, it uses herbal extracts as well as antioxidants to ensure that the complexion and the skin remains both flawless and even all day long.

  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn't like
  • A tendency of weird feeling texture for some

Benefits of Using the Best Makeup Primer for Large Pores

Of course you can gain a lot of benefits if you are to use a primer, especially if you have such large pores. The benefits offered are among the reasons why many would buy primer and use them regularly. So, let’s take a look at some of these benefits below.

Proper Blend

The best primer could nourish the skin and prepare for application of makeup. It also helps blend the makeup and make it a lot more natural on your skin. Primers can even aid to coat with moisturizer those with acne scars. It helps to even the skin tone by systematically blending the makeup.

Long Lasting Makeup

Applying primer on the face after cleaning it and before doing your makeup would help the makeup to stick on the skin and last for a longer time. Indeed, this is particularly important to those who need to have their makeup throughout the day.

Oily Skin

For those with oily skin issues, applying makeup is a problem. Well, using a water-based foundation could be a suggestion. But still, some amount of chemical and oil could ruin the matte makeup on the oily skin. That’s why you have to use a primer wherein the oil will subdue and so the makeup would look good and stay intact.

Less Re-applying of Makeup

For those with skin issues such as patchy skin, acne scars and large pores, applying so much makeup might be considered. Well, people need the scars to be concealed. So these people would keep on re-applying makeup. With a primer, it helps the makeup to stay for a longer time, plus reducing the need to reapply it and it could save the skin from further chemical exposure.


As we all known, a primer is also considered as a skin care product. It has the ability to take care of your skin and it also moisturizes it leading to a smooth skin. It seeps into the skin and minimize pores.

These are the benefits that you can enjoy out of using a primer. But, always take note to pick only the right product suitable for you.

What to Consider When Buying a Primer for Large Pores?

Now, here are the things to ponder once buying a primer intended for your large pores:

Skin Type

There is a need for you to select a product that is tandem to your skin type. A primer is applied to suit and better the skin, but if it’s not for your skin type, then it would not give any benefit.

If you have a dry skin, you might need a dry skin primer which would be super hydrating and wouldn’t make you look too shiny. For those with oily skin, look for a primer that gives a matte effect. Prefer those primers intended for oily skin which help to reduce the greasy impact of the oil on the skin.

Also, if you have a skin that is both drying and in oily effect, you should find an excellent neutral primer which has some amount of matte effect for the oily parts. And for the matured and aging skin type, there is a need for the primer to have an anti-aging effect and should work to smooth the fine lines and wrinkles. 

Skin Issues

Of course, you should also consider whether you have skin issues before picking up a primer. These include large pores and acne scars. You should look for a primer that is equipped to deal with the said skin issues.


Pick a primer based on how much you plan to use it. If you are going to use it daily, the primer must be gentle, moisturizing and should have good qualities that could nourish the skin. Avoid a heavy primer that is harsh and has a thick texture once you plan to use it every day.


This is definitely an important factor to consider. You should decide on the budget and list out the things that you need for a primer. The cost shouldn’t be the only consideration if you aim to have the best primer for your large pores.

Watch this video to learn some tips and tricks to minimize large pores:

Final Thoughts

Though there are numbers of options that you can choose from, it is important that you consider what you truly need for a primer, especially if you are dealing with large pores. From the products presented above, I would recommend the use of TOUCH IN SOL No Pore Blem Primer. Not just because of its price, but because of the benefits it offers to the users.

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